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00:00 - Mic Break
00:26 - C’est pas tout mais - Aquaserge
06:01 - How to protest and how not to protest
10:33 - Breviário - Lula Pena
15:55 - LGBTQ+ March with Vincent De Seno
19:01 - Tour du monde - Aquaserge
23:06 - Send Off
23:46 - Tintin on est bien mon loulou - Aquaserge
29:49 - Finish

A small but dedicated band of queer and ally activists gather outside Trump Tower here in NYC and made out furiously in the name of LGBTQ+ rights. We got some ground coverage and spoke with Vincent De Seno, 19, one of the organizers of the march.


Courtesy of yours truly: Taia Handlin

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