Series // Juicy Bits

Genre: Media, Talk, politics

Host // Taia Handlin

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2016

Latest // Relationships By Design, With…

Premiere Date: Jun 22, 2017

On Juicy Bits, we take a look at all things sex: how we're doing it, why we do what we do in bed, and the politics of reproductive justice. It's a messy, sticky landscape and we approach it with a nonjudgemental, enthusiastic attitude. Buckle in for a juicy and delectable ride down sex highway. Wear a condom.
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Biem Health
Jun 15

There's an app for everything -- including STDs. | Full Playlist

Everything You Wanted To Know About Duck Sex
Jun 8

We talk with Dr. Prum about finding answers about human reproductive politics in animal sex selection. | Full Playlist

You Can Finally Masturbate With The Eggplant Emoji
Jun 1

We're talking masturbating with eggplants. Literally (well, kinda). | Full Playlist

Sex Tech
May 25

Today we're talking sex tech with Bryony Cole, host of the podcast Future of Sex. | Full Playlist

It's Masturbation Month!
May 18

It's Masturbation Month! Grab your vibrators, your dildos, your Frankenstein Fleshlights, whatever you need to tickle your bits and listen to the sultry sounds of my voice while you're at it.… | Full Playlist

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