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00:00 - Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
01:40 - Homage - Claude Diallo/Linus Wyrsch Duo
07:35 - Sunrise in Manhattan - Claude Diallo/Linus Wyrsch Duo
12:18 - Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
12:37 - Uplift (for Monty) - Claude Diallo/Linus Wyrsch Duo
15:44 - McCoy Meets Monk - Claude Diallo/Linus Wyrsch Duo
18:44 - Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
19:34 - Homage (Quintet Version) - Claude Diallo Trio (featuring Hendrik Meurkens & Linus Wyrsch)
28:33 - Good Friend - Claude Diallo
32:43 - Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
33:08 - Soulful Farewell - Claude Diallo
35:10 - Finish

Original compositions from a live concert of the Claude Diallo/Linus Wyrsch Duo, recorded at Michiko Rehearsal Studios at Roberto’s Winds in New York City. Plus tracks from Claude’s new albums as well as a bonus live recording featuring Curtis Ostle, Lee Fish and Hendrik Meurkens.

Check out http://www.claudediallo.com and http://www.linusmusic.com for more information and to purchase their music.

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Claude Diallo/Linus Wyrsch Duo
Claude Diallo (piano)
Linus Wyrsch (clarinet, tenor saxophone)

Claude Diallo Trio featuring Hendrik Meurkens & Linus Wyrsch
Claude Diallo (piano)
Curtis Ostle (bass)
Lee Fish (drums)
Hendrik Meurkens (harmonica)
Linus Wyrsch (clarinet)

Claude Diallo – Good Friend
Album: Lost Love Songs – The Balik Farm Project
Claude Diallo (p, rhodes mark 1, hammond org B3), M. Buonanno (d), O. Keller (g), Pascal Käser (e-b), Tobias Degen, Nathalie Maerten (lead and bckg voc), V. Maerten (bckg voc), D. Feusi (ts, as) and Bernhard Schoch (tp, tb)

Claude Diallo – Soulful Farewell
Album: Nothing to Prove
Claude Diallo (org)

All compositions by Claude Diallo, except “Homage” and “Uplift (for Monty)” by Linus Wyrsch

Claude Diallo/Linus Wyrsch Duo tracks recorded live at Michiko Rehearsal Studios at Roberto’s Winds in New York, NY on October 3rd 2014

Claude Diallo Trio (featuring Hendrik Meurkens & Linus Wyrsch) track recorded at SOMETHIN’ Jazz Club in New York, NY on September 24th 2014

Claude Diallo/Linus Wyrsch Duo
September 27th 2014, Domicil Dortmund – Dortmund, Germany
October 11th 2014, Die Säule Duisburg – Duisburg, Germany
November 11th 2014, Katakomben Theater Essen – Essen, Germany
November 13th 2014, Topos Leverkusen – Leverkusen, Germany

Host // Linus
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2009
Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin…


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