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Series // The Jazz Hole Live
Genre: Jazz, Live Music, Music
Host // Linus
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2009
Latest // Week of 01/12/17
Premiere Date: Jan 12, 2017

This is the sister show to The Jazz Hole, featuring live recorded sets on every second Thursday of the month, curated by Linus Wyrsch, a sought-after clarinetist and saxophonist, himself, who embraces a unique relationship with the jazz genre and its musicians, consequently providing the listeners with a backstage pass to the New York jazz scene.
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The Dan Pugach Nonet on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus, with a set recorded at the Williamsburg Music Center in Brooklyn, NY. | Full Playlist

Nov 10

Today’s live set on The Jazz Hole Live comes from the Pit Inn in Tokyo, Japan, where the NYC-based trio MURAL performed last year. | Full Playlist