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00:00 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
02:43 - Sharynwood Drive - Morgan Guerin
07:33 - Glow - Steve Langone Trio
14:54 - Shenandoah - Steve Langone Trio
20:51 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
23:42 - Ne Zaboravi Me - Alma Micic
26:13 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus - Interview with Alma Micic
35:05 - Solnishko - Alma Micic
39:48 - Tonight - Alma Micic
44:44 - Psalm 23 - The Pete Malinverni Trio
49:03 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
50:22 - Shenandoah - The Pete Malinverni Trio, Karrin Allyson
54:55 - Finish

Interview guest Alma Micic talks about her brand new album That Old Feeling on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus. Alma Micic is a NYC-based, Serbian-born vocalist and composer and this is her fourth album as a bandleader. In addition, enjoy a couple of tracks from Breathe, the brand new album by the Steve Langone Trio, and music by multi-instrumentalist Morgan Guerin and by The Pete Malinverni Trio with guest vocalist Karrin Allyson.

Morgan Guerin – Sharynwood Drive
Album: The Saga
Morgan Guerin (p, fender rhodes, d, perc, ts, EWI, org), Curtis Olawumi (flh), Daniel Wytanis (tb), Grace Sommer (cello), Roland Guerin (e-b) and Patrick Arthur (acc g)

Steve Langone Trio – “Glow” & “Shenandoah”
Alnbum: Breathe
Steve Langone (d), Kevin Harris (p) and Dave Zinno (b)

Alma Micic – “Ne Zaboravi Me” & “Solnishko”
Album: That Old Feeling
Alma Micic (voc, composer “Ne Zaboravi Me”), Rale Micic (g), Tom Beckham (vib) and Corcoran Holt (b)

Alma Micic – Tonight
Album: Tonight
Alma Micic (voc, comp, arr), Doug Wamble (g, prog, arr) and Sean Conly (b)

The Pete Malinverni Trio – Psalm 23
Album: Heaven
Pete Malinverni (p), Ben Allison (b) and Akira Tana (d)

The Pete Malinverni Trio (featuring Karrin Allyson)
Album: Heaven
Pete Malinverni (p), Ben Allison (b), Akira Tana (d) and Karrin Allyson (voc)

Host // Linus
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