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00:00 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
01:03 - 4 My People - Jowee Omicil
03:47 - Wole - Jowee Omicil (featuring Lionel Loueke)
10:38 - Western Child - Laura Brunner
17:53 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
18:38 - BBB - Juan Andres Ospina
25:54 - DJ Marcus - Portrait of a Comedian Promo
26:16 - Launching - Manu Koch
33:08 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
33:50 - Doughnut - Ornette Coleman
43:14 - Chacarera Boogaloo - Fernando Huergo
48:10 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
49:04 - Time Difference - Masakazu Mizuno
61:47 - Finish

A nice mix today including the legendary Ornette Coleman, Colombian composer and pianist Juan Andres Ospina, the Swiss-born NYC pianist Manu Koch and many more.

Links to today’s artists:


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Jowee Omicil – 4 My People
Album: Roots & Grooves
Jowee Omicil (ss, voc), Mawuena Kodjovi (g), Nir Felder (e-g), Kona Khasu (b), Manny Laine (Rhodes) and Francisco Mela (d)

Jowee Omicil (featuring Lionel Loueke) – Wole
Album: Roots & Grooves
Jowee Omicil (ss, voc), Lionel Loueke (lead g), Mawuena Kodjovi (g), Johnny Mercier (rhodes), Patrick Andyantsialonina (b), Kona Khasu (e-b), Manny Laine (d) and Markus Schwartz (perc)

Laura Brunner – Western Child
Laura Brunner (voc), Victor Gould (p), Greg Toro (b) and Jeff Fajardo (d)

Juan Andres Ospina – BBB
Album: BBB – Barcelona, Bogota, Boston
Juan Andres Ospina (p), Ben Roseth, Matan Chapnitzky (saxes), Ryan Dragon (tb), Andres Rotmistrovsky (e-b) and Austin McMahon (d)

Manu Koch – Launching
Album: Triple Life
Manu Koch (Rhodes, kbds, loops), Panagiotis Andreou (e-b) and Engin Gunaydin (d)

Ornette Coleman – Doughnut
Album: Town Hall, 1962
Ornette Coleman (as), David Izenzon (b) and Charles Moffett (d)

Fernando Huergo – Chacarera Boogaloo
Album: Provinciano
Fernando Huergo (b), Yulia Musayelyan (fl), Andrew Rathbun (ts, ss), Mika Phjola (p) and Franco Pinna (d)

Masakazu Mizuno – Time Difference
Album: Time Difference
Masakazu Mizuno (comp), NYU Jazz Orchestra: Murray James Morrison, Rob Jacoby (as), Lenart Krecic, Nick Myers (ts), Dave Schroeder (bs), Mattias Konrad, Brad Gunson, Matt Keegan (tb), Sean Reed (btb), Matt Jodrell, Jackie Coleman, Rhys Tivey, Tatum Greenblatt (tp), Deen Anbar (g), James Clark (p), Joonsam Lee (b), Evan Hughes (d) and Rich Shemaria (cond)

Laura Brunner

Manu Koch
September 2nd 2011, Between The Seas Festival (w/ The Wild Project) – New York, NY
September 17th & 17th 2011, World Music Festival (w/ Malika Zarra) – Chicago, IL

Ornette Coleman

Host // Linus
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2009
Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin…


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