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00:00 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
01:14 - Peregrinos - Peregrinos
03:49 - Todo Lo Perdido Reaparece - Sofia Rei
09:09 - Dervish Dance - Uri Gurvich
15:21 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
16:09 - Nedudim - Uri Gurvich
22:45 - Jamal - Dado Moroni
34:49 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
36:25 - Arcata (for Esperanza) - Fred Hersch Trio
42:48 - Not to Worry - Tim Hegarty
49:46 - The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
51:06 - For Our Last Day - Peregrinos
59:34 - Finish

Fresh sounds on today’s Jazz Hole with Linus. Tune in to hear music by Dado Moroni, the Fred Hersch Trio, Uri Gurvich and much more.

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Peregrinos – Peregrinos
Album: Peregrinos
Raimundo Santander (g, eff) and Rodrigo Recabarren (d, perc)

Sofia Rei – Todo Lo Perdido Reaparece
Album: De Tierra Y Oro
Sofia Rei Koutsovitis (lead, bck voc, loops), Eric Kurimski (g), Jean-Christoph Maillard (e-g), Jorge Roeder (b), Yayo Serka (d, per), Facundo Guevara (perc), Fernando Martínez (snare d), Celso Duarte (charango), Josh Deutsch (tp) and Ryan Keberle (tb)

Uri Gurvich – “Dervish Dance” & “Nedudim”
Album: BabEl
Uri Gurvich (as), Leo Genovese (p, keys), Peter Slavov (b) and Francisco Mela (d)

Dado Moroni – Jamal
Album: Live in Beverly Hills
Dado Moroni (p), Marco Panascia (b) and Peter Erskine (d)

Fred Hersch Trio – Arcata (for Esperanza)
Album: Floating
Fred Hersch (p), John Hébert (b) and Eric McPherson (d)

Tim Hegarty – Not to Worry
Album: Tribute
Tim Hegarty (ts, ss), Kenny Barron (p), Mark Sherman (vib), Rufus Reid (b) and Carl Allen (d)

Peregrinos – For Our Last Day
Album: Peregrinos
Raimundo Santander (g, eff), Rodrigo Recabarren (d, perc)and Joshua Kwassman (as)

Uri Gurvich
September 7th 2014, Village Vanguard – New York, NY

Fred Hersch
August 30th 2014, Windham Civic Center Concert Hall – Windham, NY
September 19th 2014, Outbeat Jazz Festival Philadelphia Museum of Art – Philadelphia, PA
September 23rd-28th 2014, Jazz Standard – New York, NY
September 30th 2014, Constellation – Chicago, IL
October 2nd 2014, Herrick Chapel, Grinnell College – Grinnell, IA
October 4th 2014, Folly Theater – Kansas City, MO
October 13th 2014, Paul Creative Arts Center, Johnson Theatre – Durham, NH
October 17th 2014, Arts Garage – Delray Beach, FL
October 18th 2014, South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center – Cutler, FL
November 2nd 2014, Shea Center, William Paterson University – Wayne, NJ
November 16th 2014, Greenwich Library – Greenwich, CT
November 23rd 2014, The Chester Meeting House – Chester, CT
November 29th 2014, McCarter Theater, Roger Berlind Theater – Princeton, NJ
February 20th 2015, The Side Door – Old Lyme, CT
February 25th 2014, Scullers – Boston, MA

Tim Hegarty
August 27th 2014, Smalls Jazz Club – New York, NY

Boston / Cambridge, MA / US
Host // Linus
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2009
Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin…


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