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00:00 - The Jazz Hole with Linus
01:39 - Cool Off - Andrew Gould
07:27 - Ne Zaboravi Me - Alma Micic
09:59 - The Blunder - Peripheral Vision
17:55 - The Jazz Hole with Linus
20:29 - Chubby Cello - Peripheral Vision
26:43 - Shoy - James Hall
33:41 - The Jazz Hole with Linus
35:53 - Lattice - James Hall
42:06 - Hands Up, Don’t Shoot - Torunski Brothers A Range
49:38 - Solnishko - Alma Micic
54:19 - The Jazz Hole with Linus
55:13 - Mumbo Jumbo - Andrew Gould
60:31 - Finish

Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole includes more music from Andrew Gould’s new album First things First, tracks from Alma Micic’s That Old Feeling, Peripheral Vision’s More Songs About Error and Shame and James Hall’s Lattice. Plus an exclusive track by the new Torunski Brothers A Range project, which has not been officially released yet

Andrew Gould – Cool Off
Album: First things First
Andrew Gould (as, FX), Steven Feifke (p, fender rhodes), Marco Panascia (e-b) and Jake Goldbas (d)

Andrew Gould – Mumbo Jumbo
Album: First things First
Andrew Gould (as), Scott Wendholt (tp), Steven Feifke (p), Marco Panascia (b)
and Jake Goldbas (d)

Alma Micic – “Ne Zaboravi Me” & “Sholnishko”
Album: That Old Feeling
Alma Micic (voc), Rale Micic (g), Tom Beckham (vib) and Corcoran Holt (b)

Peripheral Vision – “The Blunder” & “Chubby Cello”
Album: More Songs About Error and Shame
Michael Herring (b, composer of “The Blunder”), Don Scott (g, composer of “Chubby Cello”), Trevor Hogg (ts) and Nick Fraser (d)

James Hall – “Shoy” & “Lattice”
Album: Lattice
James Hall (tb), Jamie Baum (fl, alto fl), Deanna Witkowski (p, rhodes), Tom
DiCarlo (b) and Allan Mednard (d)

Torunski Brothers A Range – Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
Piotr Torunski (b-cl), Greg Torunski (as), Mike Roelofs (rhodes) and Ron Van Stratum (d)

Host // Linus Wyrsch
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2009
Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin…


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