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00:00 - The Jazz Hole with Linus
02:00 - Intransitory - Chelsea McBride's Socialist Night School
07:34 - Nagi - Hiromi Suda
10:22 - Home - Our Thing
14:32 - The Jazz Hole with Linus
15:46 - Can You Believe It? - JC Sanford, JC4
22:43 - Shenandoah - The Pete Malinverni Trio, Karrin Allyson
27:14 - The First Break - Alex Goodman
33:02 - The Jazz Hole with Linus
34:06 - Riding Alone - Trio Shalva
41:01 - Time Being - Tim Armacost
48:32 - San Felio - Vadim Neselovskyi Trio
56:00 - The Jazz Hole with Linus
57:02 - Welcome Home - Paul Meyers
62:15 - Finish

In 2017, 17 episodes of The Jazz Hole with Linus featured interview guests! Today, it’s time for a “Best of 2017” episode with tracks by 10 of the 17 guests, selected at random. Enjoy music by Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School, Hiromi Suda, Our Thing, JC Sanford, The Pete Malinverni Trio (featuring Karrin Allyson), Alex Goodman, Trio Shalva, the Vadim Neselovskyi Trio and Paul Meyers. Happy holidays!


Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School – Intransitory
Album: The Twilight Fall
Chelsea McBride (ts, cond), Colleen Allen (ww, as solo), Naomi Higgins, Anthony Rinaldi, Patrick Smith, Conrad Gluch (ww), James Rhodes, Justin See, Tom Upjohn, Brownman Ali (tp), William Carn, Aidan Sibley, Jill Richards. Nicholas Sieber (tb), Chris Bruder (p), David Riddel (g, g solo), Steven Falk (b,e-b), Geoff Bruce (d, d solo)

Hiromi Suda – Nagi
Album: Nagi
Hiromi Suda (voc), Romero Lubambo (g), Julian Shore (p, fender rhodes), Anne Drummond (fl), Haggai Cohen-Milo (b) and Keita Ogawa (d, perc)


Our Thing – Home
Album: Manhattan Style
Roni Ben-Hur (g, comp), Santi Debriano (b) and Duduka Da Fonseca (d, perc)


JC4 – Can You Believe It?
Album: JC4 – Can You Believe It?
JC Sanford (tb), Mike Baggetta (g), Dave Ambrosio (b) and Russ Meissner (d)


Pete Malinverni (featuring Karrin Allyson) – Shenandoah
Album: Heaven
Pete Malinverni (p), Ben Allison (b), Akira Tana (d) and Karrin Allyson (voc)

Alex Goodman – The First Break
Album: Second Act
Alex Goodman (g), Matt Marantz (sax, EWI), Eden Ladin (p, rhodes, lowery), Rick Rosato (b) and Jimmy Macbride (d)


Trio Shalva – Riding Alone
Album: Riding Alone
Assaf Gleizner (p, comp), Koby Hayon (b) and Nadav Snir-Zelniker (d)


Time Being – Tim Armacost
Album: Time Being
Tim Armacost (ts), Robert Hurst (b) and Jeff “Tain” Watts (d)

Vadim Neselovskyi Trio – San Felio
Album: Get Up and Go
Vadim Neselovskyi (p), Dan Loomis (b) and Ronen Itzik (d, perc)


Paul Meyers – Welcome Home
Album: Welcome Home – Music for Solo Guitar
Paul Meyers (g)

Host // Linus
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2009
Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin…


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