Series // Garbage Garage

Genre: Indie, Music

Host // Madalyn

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2008

Latest // Week of 06/24/17

Premiere Date: Jun 24, 2017

Every Saturday, tell your mom you're sleeping over at your nerdy friend's house and sneak away to the Garbage Garage. This show is full of all the greatest leftover musical junk on the planet -- punk rock, folk, hip-hop, jazz, classical, comedy, garage alternative, jazz hip-hop, combustible international, grunge-trance, eclectic fusion, funky mambo, acoustic reggae, gentle dubstep, and anything else that your cooler older brother never told you about. Madalyn promises to take your secrets to the grave and play you the best music ever. This podcast series was previously known as The Saturday Show.
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Week of 06/17/17
Jun 17

Today on Garbage Garage we feature bands playing Firefly Music Fest, plus new tunes from Big Thief, Dot, and Celebration! | Full Playlist

Week of 06/10/17
Jun 10

We’ve got some great summer tracks on today’s show plus new ones from Adult Mom, Will Stratton, and Jambinai!! | Full Playlist

Week of 06/03/17
Jun 3

Brand new music on Garbage Garage today by old favorites !!!, British Sea Power, and new tunes from MacDeMarco! | Full Playlist

Week of 05/27/17
May 27

On today’s show we’ve got a new Fred Thomas live track plus tunes from The Mountain Goats, Low Cut Connie, and Mac DeMarco! | Full Playlist

Week of 05/20/17
May 20

Today we’ve got horror rock with Mr. Gnome, some gorgeous folk with Julianna Barwick and some Rock and Roll with Heartless Bastards! | Full Playlist

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