Series // Garbage Garage

Genre: Music, Indie

Host // Madalyn

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2008

Latest // Week of 09/23/17

Premiere Date: Sep 23, 2017

Every Saturday, tell your mom you're sleeping over at your nerdy friend's house and sneak away to the Garbage Garage. This show is full of all the greatest leftover musical junk on the planet -- punk rock, folk, hip-hop, jazz, classical, comedy, garage alternative, jazz hip-hop, combustible international, grunge-trance, eclectic fusion, funky mambo, acoustic reggae, gentle dubstep, and anything else that your cooler older brother never told you about. Madalyn promises to take your secrets to the grave and play you the best music ever. This podcast series was previously known as The Saturday Show.
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Week of 09/16/17
Sep 16

Today we’re flirting with the apocalypse with some end of the world-themed songs, plus new tunes from Lomelda and Early Riser. | Full Playlist

Week of 09/09/17
Sep 9

On the show today we’ve got brand new tracks from Oh Sees and the Fresh & Onlys, plus talking about an exciting Joshua Lightshow Show! | Full Playlist

Week of 09/02/17
Sep 2

We’re playing back to school songs on today’s show, plus some new favorites from Widowspeak, Dent May, and Naomi Punk! | Full Playlist

Week of 08/26/17
Aug 26

Featuring tracks from Brooklyn’s Afro Punk festival artists like Sinkane and The Cool Kids, plus new music from Widowspeak and Dent May! | Full Playlist

Week of 08/19/17
Aug 19

Solar eclipse songs, a boatload of new music, and a great tracks featuring Kathleen Hanna of Le Tigre and Bikini Kill- stay tuned! | Full Playlist

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