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Series // Discovery Corner
Genre: Music, Talk
Host // Elena Childers
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2016
Latest // Slothrust
Premiere Date: Nov 14, 2016

A creative corner of musical discovery, featuring both music by and interviews with bands that are breaking new ground.
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Nov 7

Whomever said saxophone and punk rock don't go together, haven't heard Pill. The uber-creative group creates melodic tunes w/ dark undertones surely to get you swaying and praying! | Full Playlist

Oct 31

Thick is a three-piece pop-punk garage band comprised of the wildest girls you’ll ever meet. We chat w/ them about music, exploding cars, and moms--hear their newest EP here! | Full Playlist

The Abigails
Oct 24

Satan kicked them out of hell and they ended up on the West Coast playing the dark melodic tunes of heartbreak & despair we've all been yearning for--meet The Abigails! | Full Playlist

Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No-Nos take you on a musical journey of sultry and feisty vocals with blues, soul, funk, and rock’n’roll infused melodies. Check out their newest album here! | Full Playlist

Har Mar Superstar is the party starter that gets you dancing, crying, or both. His tunes are not only jam-packed w/ grooving melodies to get you moving, but also melancholy beats to spark a tear. | Full Playlist