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00:00 - Bazarro intro
01:40 - Ready Or Not (Toronto, Canada) - Ghettosocks ft. El Da Sensi
05:05 - Explosives (Montreal, Canada) - Potatohead People
08:54 - Blaze It Up (UK) - The Mouse Outfit ft. Sparks
12:02 - Let Me Go (Israel) - Cohen@Mushon
15:09 - Young & Wild (Puerto Rico) - Big Leto & Mr. Cheeks
18:50 - Make A Way (Puerto Rico) - Pearl Harba
21:58 - Bazaro Mic Break
23:00 - This World (Germany) - Configa & Hastyle
27:01 - I Feel Alive (Puerto Rico) - Rebel Diaz
29:40 - Finish Line (West Indies) - Tanya Morgan
32:40 - Love on the Run (Ghana & Nigeria) - Blitz The Ambassador ft. Nneka
37:13 - Mavie (France) - Paris
41:05 - BAzarro Mic Break
42:10 - Check it Out (UK) - Shumba Youth & Leo Samson
46:34 - Respect Mine (Ghana) - Blitz the Ambassador ft. 20Syl, Emicida & Yakoto
50:35 - Quien Y Como Cono Ser (Madrid, Spain) - Xero Ysern
54:04 - Mellowtune (Montreal, Canada) - Potatohead People
58:24 - Bazarro Mic Break
59:35 - Finish

Sounds good right? Yea, this mix going to get all up in your brain. You can damn near taste the music. World Hip Hop for ya!! Thanks me later. Check out this dope artist on the playlist, Shumba Youth from the UK. Napoleon Da Legend put me on to him. Also check out Cohen@Mushon from Israel. They are one of my favorite groups right now. Their production is so smooth. You won’t be disappointed. Anyway my mix adds some flavor to your taste buds, let’s rock!!!

Blitz The Ambassador ft. 20Syl, Emicida & Yakoto-Respect Mines

PotatoeHead People-Mellow Tunes

Shumba Youth & Leo Samson-Check it OUt

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Crazy DJ Bazarro was born in Brooklyn, NY, and started DJing and producing at the age of 14. He made a name for himself DJing at…


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