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00:00 - Bazarro intro
01:40 - Love Thirst (South Africa) - Jean Grae ft. Jukstapose
11:05 - Love and Hip - Hop (East Africa) - Napoleon Da Legend & Dj Doom
15:00 - Love My Chick (Puerto Rico) - Big Leto & Mr. Cheeks
17:46 - Love You (Venezuela) - Shabaam Sahdeeq
21:55 - Bazarro Mic Break
22:55 - My Love Story (Puerto Rico) - Mister Fitzwell ft. Manz Rivalz
27:07 - Sucka 4 Love (East Africa) - Napoleon Da Legend
33:49 - Where is The Love (Canada) - Journalist ft. Vstylez & Eternia
37:36 - Love Is Better (UK) - Dj J Hart ft. K Sparks, Awkward & The Incomparable Shakespeare
43:33 - Bazarro MIc Break
44:45 - Haters - LoVeL (Venezuela) - Shabaam Sahdeeq
48:11 - Freak These Tales (Jamaica) - Murs & 9th Wonder
52:35 - Fugitive From Love (Puerto Rico) - Pearl Harba ft. Lil Fame
56:15 - Where is The Love (Canada) - Gensu Dean ft. Homeboy Sandman & Jenette Berry
59:34 - Love (Nigeria) - Nneka
62:52 - Bazarro Mic Break
64:00 - Finish

Love day is here. Yes, yes. I have a provided a lot of music today about a whole lot of love. From around the world, we have artists who express their meaning of love. So strap up tight. Some songs might make you wanna be in love and get away from it. Either or, enjoy!!! Happy Valentine’s Day…

Napoleon Da Legend & Dj Doom-Love & Hip-Hop

Murs & 9th Wonder-Freak These Tales

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder-Love Thirst ft. Jukstapose

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Location: NYC | Host Since: 2008
Crazy DJ Bazarro was born in Brooklyn, NY, and started DJing and producing at the age of 14. He made a name for himself DJing at…


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