Series // BTR World Hip Hop

Genre: Hip Hop, Music, World

Host // Crazy DJ Bazarro

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2008

Latest // Week of 07/23/17

Premiere Date: Jul 23, 2017

Get your frequent flier miles ready and book your reservations quickly! Crazy DJ Bazarro scours the planet to brings you hip-hop from around the world. You'll hear artists from places you may never have even heard of. Captain Bazarro pilots the ship toward some incredible music, written and produced by some of the most creative people on the planet. Thinking outside the box, this show proves that great music doesn't just come from one place.
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Week of 07/16/17
Jul 16

We got some cool joints on deck to cool you down. Some great hip-hop from around the world. | Full Playlist

Week of 07/09/17
Jul 9

Woo, summertime is here, big time. That's a good thing. Another good thing is me, Bazarro on the one's and two's, another name for turntables for those who don't know, lol. Got some hot fire joints… | Full Playlist

Week of 07/02/17
Jul 2

Yeah, yeah. Ready to rock? Well July 4th is two days away so I'm a bomb ya with some pre-fire work joints right now on my world hip-hop show. Music from around the world. Damn I can't believe it's… | Full Playlist

Week of 06/25/17
Jun 25

Woo!!! Ok, this should be the last week of school for public schools right? So I just wanna say congrats to all who are going to that next level, what ever it may be. You worked hard and it's time to… | Full Playlist

Week of 06/18/17
Jun 18

What the deals ya'll? Yeah we back up in here for another dope sunday of world-hiphop joints. Don't be mad because the madness doesn't stop. It's our fault we bring you the greatness with no fakeness,… | Full Playlist

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