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Series // BTR Top 10
Genre: Indie, Pop
Host // Emily Smith
Location: Oklahoma City | Host Since: 2006
Latest // Week of 03/27/17
Premiere Date: Mar 27, 2017

BTR Top 10 features the best of the best music currently spinning on BTR. Each week, we countdown the top artists and albums on the site, based on what our hosts are playing most on their shows.
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The best of the best new music on BTR Today and it's all in one spot! Hear fresh music from some of the top indie acts out there. | Full Playlist

The best of the best new music on BTR today! It's all in one spot and DJ Emily (your host) is really digging the number one artist! | Full Playlist

All of the best new indie music in one spot. Here the best new tunes based on what your favorite BTR DJs are playing. | Full Playlist

Get some of the best new indie tracks around, all in one spot. This is the BTR Top 10 countdown and it's sure to be a good time. | Full Playlist