Series // BTR Reggae Hour

Genre: Music, Reggae, World

Host // Drew

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2006

Latest // Pre-Thanksgiving Gratitude

Premiere Date: Nov 22, 2017

Every Thursday, selecta DJ Drew drops the best in dub, roots, dancehall, dubtronica, and anything in between on the Reggae Hour. There's always a new vibe, he's always helping you discover new reggae artists... and always with a positive vibration.
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Rochester Reggae Family!
Nov 15

Rochester Reggae Family! Old school BTR and Reggae Hour friends Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad on this week as long as some past panda members and their new project Thunder Body | Full Playlist

French-Algerian Reggae
Nov 8

2 great French-Algerian reggae artists: Sarazino & Brahim. They split the show in half with their unique approach to the genre. Plus a bonus final track from another Algerian reggae group Gnawa… | Full Playlist

High Flyin'
Nov 1

November is National Aviation Month!!!! Let's fly high on this first of the month and celebrate above the clouds on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour | Full Playlist

Spook Reggae Halloween Party!
Oct 25

Ooooooo spooooooky. It's a pre-Halloween Reggae Hour to remember. Eat your candy and enjoy some ghostly reggae tunes right here on BTR | Full Playlist

Reggae Music vs Gun Violence
Oct 18

Reggae music is no stranger to the theme of gun violence. Today we look at how some great reggae artists talk about the dangers of gun violence and the need for peace. Spread the word, the show and… | Full Playlist

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