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Strawberry Runners is the project of guitarist and songwriter Emi Night. Her tender, deeply personal songs are heartbreaking, revelatory, and relatable all at once. The band joined us earlier this winter for a solo performance at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn.


00:00 - Strawberry Runners
00:30 - Your Bed Was Tall
10:01 - Trouble
13:20 - Interview - Strawberry Runners
14:55 - Dog Days
19:05 - Interview - Strawberry Runners
19:42 - Brother - Strawberry Runners
23:10 - Hatcher Creek
26:51 - Outro
27:09 - Finish
Maia is a songwriter, artist, producer, and radio host based in New York City. She's also a singer, multi-instrumentalist and frequent tinkerer, who has spent time in Haiti and Colombia studying folkloric music…