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06:34 - Interview - Darkwing
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15:44 - Lameonia
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We’re going to let Darkwing describe themselves here: “Anti-hero Theme Music. Yin yang grunge. Music to promote critical thinking. Happy/albeit sometimes strange music with lyrics about being uncomfortable or disappointed in the world and oneself or straight up love and stuff.” That’s about as perfectly as it can be put. It’s also worth noting that the band — based in Leonia, New Jersey, and made up of Richie, Zach, Louis, and Lyzi (also of Fruit & Flowers) — is exceptionally adept at blasting out huge, badass rock music with sweet hooks. They brought the chaos to the studio at Serious Business Music in DUMBO.


Lameonia is available now, and Darkwing has new music coming soon.





Darkwing: Facebook // Bandcamp

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