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00:00 - Bazarro intro
01:35 - Error - Almighty
04:02 - El Favorito De Los Capos - Flow Mafia ft. Arcangel & Bad Bunny
08:37 - Whip it - Tali
12:25 - Robarte Un Beso - Carlos Vives ft. Sebastian Yatra, Zion Y Lennox
15:51 - Bam Bam - Franco El Gorilla
20:27 - Bazarro Mic Break
21:30 - No Viven Lo Que Cantan - John Bori ft. Endo
24:40 - Mala - Jacob Forever
27:47 - En Busca De Riquezas - Yai Y Toly ft. Myke Towers
30:42 - Cerbero - Tali Goya
34:44 - Una Mirada - Delirious
38:10 - Mas Que Amigos - Raiva El De La Mussa ft. El Sica
42:44 - Bazarro Mic Break
43:55 - Ocho - Almighty ft. Bryant Myers, Pusho, Randy, Kendo, Noriel, Nengo Flow & Juanka
52:18 - El Granjero - Arcangel
55:51 - Antes De Morirme - Miky Woodz ft. Messiah, Lito Kirino & Darkiel
61:03 - Bazarro Mic Break
62:15 - Finish

Woooo, you’re going to love this mix. Every artist is so on point. Check out the El Franco Gorilla track “Bam Bam,” when you get a chance. Just let the mix rock straight through. Sometimes we like to showcase some of the artists on the playlist too. You can also check out Miky Woodz on the “Antes De Morirme” track. Reggaeton at the highest level. We have to give props to the producers on these tracks, too, because most of it is original music. So salute the producers. Now click play and let’s rock!!

Jacob Forever-Mala


John Bori ft. Endo-No Viven Lo Que Cantan

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Location: NYC | Host Since: 2008
Crazy DJ Bazarro was born in Brooklyn, NY, and started DJing and producing at the age of 14. He made a name for himself DJing at…


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