Series // BTR Latin Hip Hop

Genre: Hip Hop, Music, World

Host // Crazy DJ Bazarro

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2008

Latest // Week of 07/21/17

Premiere Date: Jul 21, 2017

Every Friday on BTR (TGIF-style!), Crazy DJ Bazarro presents dope music and exclusive interviews with some of reggaeton's most talented, raw, up-and-coming artists. Listen and witness them break through the airways into your ear canals. With new music every week, in rebel mode or party mode, the beats keep ya head bopping.
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Week of 07/14/17
Jul 14

Hot fun in the summertime. Great music in the summertime. Right? Ain't nothing like pumping up some great tunes on a gorgeous summer day! Lemonade in the background. You on the beach getting a tan.… | Full Playlist

Week of 07/07/17
Jul 7

Pump ya fist and let's get ready to rumble on the dance floor, your cubicle or wherever. Reggaeton, Friday…let's go!!! | Full Playlist

Week of 06/30/17
Jun 30

Yo! Summertime is here! You outta school? You graduated? Well hell yeah come celebrate with us BTR style. We've got tons of music to get your vacation started right. You know how we do! On that note,… | Full Playlist

Week of 06/23/17
Jun 23

Helllllo everybody!!! Back again on the turntables, Crazy DJ Bazarro on the Latin hip-hop mix. Reggaeton at the highest level. Can you keep up? Good, let's go then. A shoutout to everybody who… | Full Playlist

Week of 06/16/17
Jun 16

Woo, it sure can get real hot in this city. Yeah, talkin bout NYC. The weather goes up and down. BTRtoday, we stay hot though. All year round. January to December with no breaks. So I got a hot mix… | Full Playlist

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