Series // BTR Eatopia

Genre: Talk

Host // Hanabi

Location: San Francisco | Host Since: 2008

Latest // Week of 03/27/16

Premiere Date: Mar 27, 2016

If food is your passion, and music gets you moving then Eatopia is the show for you. Hanabi and Insane Dane gather to discuss the latest in restaurants, food-spotting, recipes, techniques and trends. All that plus a brilliant indie soundtrack to back it up.
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Week of 03/20/16
Mar 20

Hanabi lives in a magical land of apps. The apps allow Hanabi to do absolutely nothing for himself anymore. I’m being a bit cynical, but it’s true that the San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed for… | Full Playlist

Week of 03/13/16
Mar 13

Hanabi is soon to be making his travels to the ancient homelands of Europe, specifically, Paris, London and Rome. The big three I guess you might say. I’ve been to Paris and London several times,… | Full Playlist

Week of 03/06/16
Mar 6

Sometimes Hanabi leaves the confines of the city for Southern climes. Don’t be shocked, outside the city there exists some of the finest restaurants in the country. One of those gems is in Los… | Full Playlist

Week of 02/28/16
Feb 28

Hanabi’s parents are shoving off to Prague and Budapest in a few months to keep the image of the American tourist alive. So, with a father-son dinner meet up on the schedule, we figured we’d get… | Full Playlist

Week of 02/21/16
Feb 21

Hanabi finally scored a reservation to The Progress! The Progress is the sister restaurant to the much ballyhooed, and totally exceeds all such ballyhoo, State Bird Provisions. They are in fact… | Full Playlist

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