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00:00 - BTR Today
00:44 - Reanimation Library
02:20 - The Collector Gene
04:35 - The Dissonance
05:40 - Starting the Library
09:17 - Not a Freak Show
12:27 - Body Hot Spots
14:54 - Artists in the Library
18:59 - Future of Reanimation
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This Week:

Andrew Beccone discusses The Reanimation Library, a collection of about twenty-five hundred overlooked, forgotten, and discarded books he has collected from thrift stores over the last fourteen years. The Library is currently in residence at the Queens Museum and is available to the public by appointment. Just email Andrew to schedule a visit.


Image from Orange Roofs, Golden Arches: The Architecture of American Chain RestaurantsReanimation Library collection


Image from Body Hot SpotsReanimation Library collection



Image from The Space Shuttle Operators ManualReanimation Library collection

Image from The Space Shuttle Operators ManualReanimation Library collection


Host // Thomas
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2010
Thomas grew up in Northern California where he fell in love with music and photography while going to punk shows and shooting skate…


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