Kiana Honarmand

Premiere DateFeb 13, 2018
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Kiana Honarmand
02:00 Tea Soaked Letter- Anna Burch
05:34 Treatment of Women in Iran
14:15 Censorship in Art Education
21:03 Head Trophies
26:02 (Un)veil
30:15 Current Work
32:24 Outro
32:44 Hidden Places Blushing
37:34 Finish

Kiana Honarmand is an Iranian artist whose work addresses issues related to her cultural identity, the treatment of women in Iran’s society, censorship, surveillance, and the Western perception of the Middle East. Derived from her interest in different materials and processes, Kiana’s interdisciplinary work features the use of digital fabrication tools as well as traditional methods of craft.

In 2012, Kiana moved to the United States to pursue and complete her Master of Fine Arts degree. Her work has been exhibited internationally and throughout the United States including spaces such as:  Washington and Jefferson College in Washington PA, Penn State University, Iona Collage Arts Center in New Rochelle, Gallery One in Washington, Verum Ultimum Art Gallery in Portland Oregon, Lite-Haus Galerie in Berlin, Lorimoto Gallery in New York and more. She is currently an artist in residence at the School of Visual Arts at Penn State University.

All images courtesy of the artist



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