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00:00 - Phyllis Baldino part 1
03:59 - Appalachian Grove III - Laurie Spiegel
06:46 - Phyllis Baldino part 2
09:53 - Birds - Electrelane
13:36 - Phyllis Baldino part 3
16:10 - Black Hole - Grass Widow
17:26 - Phyllis Baldino part 4
20:36 - Future Crimes - Wild Flag
23:17 - Phyllis Baldino part 5
28:03 - Surveillance Camera - A Frames
30:56 - Phyllis Baldino part 6
34:32 - Patchwork - Laurie Spiegel
37:27 - Finish

Per Future Installation shot (photo by Michael Moran)

Phyllis Baldino is a video artist based in Brooklyn, New York. In her latest exhibition, Baldino brings together  pieces that explore her career-long interest in scientific phenomenon. From the multiple dimensions inhabited by sub-atomic particles, to the end of the world and issues of privacy and technology, Baldino translates big ideas into a visual language that takes the form of single-channel videos and photographs.

Last week I met with Phyillis Baldino at Studio 10 gallery to talk about her exhibition, Per Future. The show is on view through February 3rd.

Per Future Installation shot (photo by Michael Moran)

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