Episode 54 / Kanine Records Part 2 / Lio Kanine Interview

with Bryan B | Indie | Nov 10, 2017

This week we revisit the Brooklyn record label Kanine Records, with an in-depth interview with Lio Kanine, who has some great advice for being a… | Full Playlist

Rowdy Friday Mix

with Crazy DJ Bazarro | Music | Nov 10, 2017

Yes indeed. We getting rowdy on this mix. I don't know. For no apparent reason, LOL! We rocking all new joints. You going to hear them here first. Btr… | Full Playlist

Terra Lightfoot

with Maia | Indie | Nov 10, 2017

 Terra Lightfoot is a Canadian roots/rock musician with the kind of powerful, bluesy voice that knocks you off your feet. | Full Playlist

Ora Cogan is This Week's Artist Spotlight

with Emily Smith | Music | Nov 10, 2017

This all female set comes with an artists spotlight on Ora Cogan featuring five new tracks from her latest release… | Full Playlist

JAMJAM Fridays on Election Day Big Picture

with The Knefels | Culture | Nov 10, 2017

It’s JAMJAM Fridays and Jesse Myerson is here to bask in the victories from Election Day 2017. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter | Full Playlist

Ep 31 // Myq Kaplan on Ayahuasca / ‘Lady Bird’

with J. McVay | Culture | Nov 10, 2017

Matt Ruby interview Myq Kaplan about his experience with ayahuasca. Jacqueline Soller on ‘Lady Bird.’ Sneak preview of KRISTEENYOUNG’s BTR Live… | Full Playlist

Weekly Rundown: Blocked by Verrit

with Joe Virgillito | Culture | Nov 10, 2017

On the Weekly Rundown, Joe discusses the Democratic victories, the further Trumpification of Fox News, and getting blocked by Verrit on Twitter. | Full Playlist

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