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6/1/17 // Can the Gig Economy Save Itself?

New start-up cleaning company collective Up & Go is giving the people working gigs a real stake in the gig economy. | read

5/16/17 // Epiphanies for Sale?

A few weeks into training for the New York City marathon, Jasper Nathaniel had an epiphany. There was no nutrition company for the modern fitness consumer. Less than a year later, Nathaniel left his… | read

4/27/17 // Stampeding in the City: How Booming Populations Make Us Ripe for Mass Panic

As populations in major metropolitan areas swell, crowd science is becoming a hot new field for understanding how humans behave in large groups and how to avoid mass panic. | read

4/20/17 // What's The Deal With Pennies, Anyway?

The power of the penny is a strange alchemy of history, habit, and economics. | read

4/13/17 // What if You Could Teleport Between Mermaid Inn UWS and Mermaid Inn LES?

Scientific teleportation (versus magical or spiritual) has had a grip on sci-fi fans since the late 1800’s. The hardship of the urban commute, particularly between Manhattan's Upper West Side and Lower East Side, gives way to a lot of speculation about the convenience of installing a teleportation… | read

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