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Kory French is the Founder and Principal of Emily Consulting, a consulting company that leads start-up and early-stage companies in everything from concept development to strategic planning to scaling and exit plans. Prior to founding Emily consulting, he served in business development at Lord Cultural Resources Consulting Firm.

Before returning to school to get a Master's Degree, Kory spent five years in the private lending division of BMO Bank of Montreal. He earned a Bachelor of Art from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada, and an MA from Columbia University in New York, NY. In 2013, a play Kory wrote, titled Abramovic, opened in NYC.

Kory is the host of BTR's Book Talk and was a co-host of BTR Sports until it ended in 2015. Kory has interviewed over 200 authors and writing personalities for BTR.

The Latest From Kory French

2/22/18 // Broken Bananah by Ross Asdourian

A (painfully) true story about love, life, and sex... without a penis | listen

2/15/18 // Our Lady of the Prairie by Thisbe Nissen

A sharp and bitingly funny novel about a professor whose calm-ish midwestern life gives way to a vortex of crises—and her attempts to salvage the pieces without going to pieces herself | listen

2/8/18 // The Deepest Well by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

A pioneering physician reveals just how deeply our bodies can be imprinted for life by childhood adversity–and what we can do to break the cycle. | listen

2/1/18 // Folly Cove by Kermit “Kim” Schweidel

Once-errant stoners score the biggest load of Colombian pot that had yet to reach our shores. And this all really happened. | listen

1/25/18 // Brooklyn In Love: A Delicious Memoir of Food, Family, and Finding Yourself by Amy Thomas

From the author of Paris, My Sweet comes the story of a modern woman embracing love, motherhood and all the courses life has to offer | listen

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