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9/16/17 // iPhone Releases, Today and Yesterday

To salute the X and the history of this wonderful device, we chart past iPhones and what was toted as the hot new feature. | read

9/9/17 // Sadly, Hacking Into Hotel Rooms is Easier Than Ever

You'll be shocked at how vulnerable key card locks at hotels actually are. | read

9/2/17 // The Tech World is Still Toxic For Women

Silicon Valley's a bro's club. But does it have to be? | read

8/26/17 // Game Your Way Into a New Language With Duolingo

Adiós expensive Rosetta Stone and hola, free, gamification-rich Duolingo ! | read

8/19/17 // What's the Future of Streaming Media?

How will we binge on shows in the future? | read

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