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Elena Childers is BTRtoday's go-to music reporter extraordinaire. She writes Nightshift Sounds, Tune Up and The Music Meetup. She also produces and hosts The Music Meetup and New Vibrations podcasts every Monday and Wednesday, respectively. You can usually find her backstage at a rock show in Manhattan or spitting beer into the crowd at a punk show in Brooklyn--never miss a beat with this girl.

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9/25/17 // A Giant Dog

A Giant Dog is a giant step in rock 'n' roll--listen to their newest album on this week's episode & a chat w/ frontwoman Sabrina! | listen

9/25/17 // Sabrina Ellis of A Giant Dog on Freak Outs, Satan’s Spawn & Jagged Teeth

A Giant Dog's music comes from an emotional raw place, which makes it better than therapy. | read

9/22/17 // Get Lost in The Premiere Of Suburban Birds’ New Album ‘Lituya Bay’

Suburban Birds make music for people on long drives who like to stare out the window and imagine music videos. | read

9/21/17 // NYC’s ‘This Is Real’ Tied Us Up And Threw Us In A Psycho Killer’s Den

Two BTRtoday writers were rattled to their cores by an immersive horror experience. | read

9/20/17 // Punk Band Zex Talks Their New Split Record with Beyoncé

A pressing error has Beyoncé and a Canadian punk band sharing a vinyl release. Bey wouldn't return our calls, but here's what the punk band had to say. | read

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