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The celebrity chef’s new show highlights his glorious insults and insights under anxiety-inducing time restraints.
Used almost exclusively by self-proclaimed Infowars alphas,“soy boy” is a term for men lacking masculine qualities.
The all-female installment of the Ocean's franchise was criticized for lacking action and a profound script. These critiques miss…
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The 36th Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade was full of mermaids, sea creatures and glitter!
Check out the best dogs from the Best Dog Day Ever, as presented by The Dodo at Brookfield Place.
BTRtoday's Northside Festival showcase at Brooklyn's Knitting Factory was awesome.
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Matt, who is now an airline pilot, talks about his previous job as a DJ and what it was like to perform at his first professional…
Sarah shares her experience of being a triplet and the special relationship that she has with her two siblings. 1st Person is…
Marvin talks about getting involved in a ski club for seniors and reminisces about skiing at different times in his life. 1st…
A new study highlights the danger of a food crisis during nuclear winter.
Over sixty years since his debut became the first rock album to top the charts, the King’s debut still sounds crisp.
The viral hit returns with a more serious look at the demise of civilization.
This was quite a week. We saw how deeply flawed our immigration system is and how genuinely racist our leaders are. Check out our…
Things are sizzling over here at BTRtoday. Literally. We gave you a guide on training in the heat, a tour of some sinfully…
The Man in Black was too complex a thinker and too careful about his fans to be pinned down to an ideology.
#E32018, the hashtag of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, told a story of breathtaking banality.
These soccer underdogs may not win on the field but their politics should win over your hearts.
This week, we saw Trump do more Trump things and Roseanne proved nastier than ever as she deployed some truly racist tweets under…