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Music Submissions

All bands and artists must adhere to the following guidelines when submitting music:

  • Please include your artist name, contact information and link to either soundcloud or bandcamp.
  • Please do not attach mp3s, other digital files, or download links, as they will not be considered.
  • Please do not follow up. If interested, we will contact you.
  • To submit music via email, please email us at
  • Please send any physical album submissions to:
    BreakThru Radio
    Attn: Music Director
    954 Lexington Avenue
    Suite 199
    New York, NY 10021

Advertising & Sponsorship

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App Support

If you have any questions about or are experiencing problems using the BTRtoday app, please email us at


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Week of 01/16/17

Week of 01/16/17

Twitter Should Ban President-elect Donald Trump

Twitter Should Ban President-elect Donald Trump


"For Valerie” by Elizabeth Devlin