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3/23/18 // Ep 50 // Rex Sorgatz and ‘The Encyclopedia of Misinformation’ / ‘The Death of Stalin’

Matt Ruby interviews Rex Sorgatz, author of ‘The Encyclopedia of Misinformation.’ Winston Cook-Wilson on ‘The Death Of Stalin.’ Molly Knefel on Cynthia Nixon and celebrity politics. A preview of Cheekface’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

3/23/18 // The Radicalism of Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers’ work building respect, dignity, and self love for children, The New York Times blames gentrification on Cynthia Nixon and Sex and the City, Morning John, and listener mail. Fred… | listen

3/22/18 // Ryne Sherman on Personal Values of Trump Supporters

Ryne Sherman joins the show to discuss his recent study how personal values were a greater predictor of Trump support than political ideology. | listen

3/22/18 // Cynthia Nixon Versus Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon declares that she will challenge Andrew Cuomo in the New York Democratic primary, the Austin bombing suspect is dead, the “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” trailer describes the radicalism of Fred Rogers, and Morning John the women challenging Trump. | listen

3/22/18 // Hiding Out by Tina Alexis Allen

A riveting and cinematic true tale stranger and twistier than fiction, ‘Hiding Out’ is an astonishing story of self-discovery, family, secrets, and the power of the truth to set us free. | listen

3/21/18 // Matt Bruenig: Update on People's Policy Project

Matt Bruenig joins the show to discuss People's Policy Project recent content, building a supporter base, choosing content topics, and more. | listen

3/21/18 // Ryan Devereaux on a Family Separated by ICE

Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss his story on an Iraqi family separated by ICE, Morning John on the anniversary of the Iraq war, and Cynthia Nixon declares that she’s running for governor of New… | listen

3/21/18 // Put Something Back

Today's show features music from PRhyme, Bumpy Knuckles x Snoop Dogg, Conway & more | listen

3/20/18 // Dr. Steve Billet on Potential Mueller Firing & More

Dr. Steve Billet returns to predict if President Trump will fire Robert Mueller, potential fallout, and much more. | listen

3/20/18 // An Action Packed Weekend at the White House

Andrew McCabe is fired hours before his retirement, a whistleblower reveals how Facebook harvested data from user profiles, the racism of Centrist Democrats’ bank deregulation support, and listener… | listen

3/20/18 // Martha Naranjo Sandoval

Martha Naranjo Sandoval is a New York-based filmmaker and visual artist from Mexico City. Her work focuses in the materiality of images. | listen

3/19/18 // Jon Stotsky on Student Freedom of Speech

Jon Stotsky joins the show to discuss the Knight Foundation's recent report exploring student opinions about freedom of speech on college campuses. | listen

3/19/18 // JAM on the Cooption of Protests

Morning John joins us to talk Trump’s desire to instate the death penalty for drug dealers, the imminent ouster of H.R. McMaster, and Mueller subpoenaing the Trump organization. Also, Jesse Myerson… | listen

3/19/18 // Hit Like A Girl

Hit Like A Girl is a rad indie band fighting for a just cause. | listen

3/17/18 // We Just Do It Into Microphones

This is an extra-caffeinated episode, in which we tangent at an accelerated pace. We also listen to a bunch of great new music! Don’t forget to call us with your feedback, suggestions, and contest… | listen

3/16/18 // Brandyn Lau, Part II: Collecting Medical Data for Gender Minorities

In Part II, Brandyn Lau discusses the reasons for the rise in gender-affirming surgeries, the specialized nature of it, and collecting data to create a medical demographic from scratch. | listen

3/16/18 // Ep 49 // Twitter Moments / ‘Thoroughbreds’ / ‘A Wrinkle In Time’

Twitter Moments w/ Matt Ruby. Jacqueline Soller on ‘Thoroughbreds’ and ‘A Wrinkle In Time.’ Molly Knefel on Betsy DeVos and “reform.” A preview of Sur Back’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

3/16/18 // Students Walk Out

Students across the country walk out of their schools on the one month anniversary of the Parkland shooting, some adults misguidedly encourage kids to “walk up” instead of “out,” and the House… | listen

3/15/18 // Brandyn Lau, Part I: Rise in Gender-Affirming Surgeries

Brandyn Lau joins the show to discuss his recent study chronicling the rise in gender-affirming surgeries over the last decade. | listen

3/15/18 // Pennsylvania Takeaways for Dems

Pennsylvania’s election results are a good sign for 2018 but let’s hope Democrats don’t think centrism is the only lesson, how black mothers remain excluded from the “work-life” balance, and… | listen

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