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9/25/17 // Dave Rand, Part I: Flagging Fake News

Dave Rand joins the show to discuss his recent study about the effects of fact checking and verifying news articles on social media sites like Facebook. | listen

9/25/17 // Listener Mail Catch Up

John is in the studio to talk Tom Price and his private planes, Success Academy claims that it’s not subject to Freedom of Information Law requests, and catching up on a whole lot of listener… | listen

9/25/17 // A Giant Dog

A Giant Dog is a giant step in rock 'n' roll--listen to their newest album on this week's episode & a chat w/ frontwoman Sabrina! | listen

9/24/17 // Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams - Rabbit: The Autobiography of Ms. Pat

“I know a lot of people think they know what it’s like to grow up in the hood. Like maybe they watched a couple of seasons of The Wire and they got the shit all figured out. But TV doesn’t tell the whole story.” Rabbit is an unflinching memoir of cinematic scope and unexpected humor. | listen

9/22/17 // Weekly Rundown: That's Damore

On the Weekly Rundown, Joe discusses his faux-cover letter for Infowars and James Damore's dumb Twitter poll. | listen

9/22/17 // Ep 24 // Sean Spicer & Issa Rae Go To The Emmys / ‘mother!’

Rena & Matt on Sean Spicer’s appearance and Issa Rae’s comments at the Emmys. Charles Hinshaw on ‘mother!’ John Knefel on BernieCare For All. gobbinjr’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

9/22/17 // It’s JAMJAM Fridays and We’re Spending the Whole Show on Healthcare.

It’s JAMJAM Fridays and we’re spending the whole show on healthcare. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter | listen

9/21/17 // Mia Costa on Perception of Reps

Mia Costa joins the show to discuss her recent study on how voters perceived their Congressional representatives based on gender and party. | listen

9/21/17 // MGG Thursdays on Police Repression

It’s MGG Thursdays and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk police repression in St. Louis and Georiga tech, the erasure of American colonies during climate change disasters, and a listener’s turf… | listen

9/21/17 // Week of 09/21/17

Today's show features music from Dillon & Diamond D, Wordsworth and Sam Brown, Torii Wolf, Da Flyy Hooligan and more. | listen

9/20/17 // Carryl Baldwin on Daydreaming Drivers

Carryl Baldwin joins the show to discuss her recent study about daydreaming while driving and why it's so easy to lose focus behind the wheel. | listen

9/20/17 // Mychal Denzel Smith on the Origins of Identity Politics

Mychal Denzel Smith joins us to discuss what white liberals get wrong about identity politics. Also, Morning John on the police brutality in St. Louis and the police murder of a Georgia Tech LGBTQIA… | listen

9/19/17 // Mary Kosuth on Microplastics in Water

Mary Kosuth joins the show to discuss her research on microplastics in tap water and her involvement with the Orb Media investigation. | listen

9/19/17 // Special JAMJAM Tuesday

It’s a special edition of JAMJAM Tuesdays, talking about Medicare for All and combatting the worst of automation under capitalism. Also, Morning John on the Cassidy Graham bill, and the Emmys were a… | listen

9/19/17 // Jeannette LaPointe

Jeannette LaPointe is a New York-based artist who lives and works in New York’s Hudson Valley. She received her BFA in photography from the State University of New York at New Paltz in 2017. Her… | listen

9/18/17 // Elena Childers on This Is Real NYC

Elena and Joe recap their time at This Is Real, an immersive horror experience in New York City. | listen

9/18/17 // Special MGG Mondays

It’s a special edition of MGG Mondays with Melissa Gira Grant, talking Facebook targeting anti-Semites, more ICE agents in NYC courts, and Chelsea getting invited then disinvited to… | listen

9/18/17 // The Values EP PREMIERE

The Values' debut EP premiering exclusively here on BTRtoday! They're catchy pop & angsty garage rock--get the best of both worlds. | listen

9/17/17 // Ann Powers - Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black & White, Body and Soul in American Music

In this sweeping history of popular music in the United States, NPR’s acclaimed music critic examines how popular music shapes fundamental American ideas and beliefs, allowing us to communicate difficult emotions and truths about our most fraught social issues, most notably sex and race. | listen

9/15/17 // Weekly Rundown: Trump Dictating

Joe discusses the White House's reaction to Jemele Hill's tweets and why it's problematic for the administration to dictate political speech. | listen

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