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12/14/17 // Ellen Hahn, Part I: Strong Smoking Laws

Ellen Hahn joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring the link between strong anti-smoking laws and lung cancer rates. | listen


Doug Jones wins in Alabama, and a celebratory pile of listener mail. Doug Jones Photo courtesy of Digital Campaign Manager Doug Jones for Senate via Wikimedia Commons | listen

12/14/17 // John Knefel // Sanitizing Trump

Many euphemisms have been used to describe President Trump and the behaviors and opinions he and his allies exhibit. John Knefel argues that these euphemisms obscure certain truths and result in false… | watch

12/13/17 // Sam Gosling on Weather & Personality

Sam Gosling joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the connection between weather and personality. | listen

12/13/17 // Doug Jones vs. Roy Moore: Five Takeaways

Important things to remember about the Alabama special election. | read

12/13/17 // The Keaton Roller Coaster

A young boy and his family’s backstory brings the internet on a roller coaster about bullying and racism, the New York Times’ style guide is unbearable in its efforts at neutrality, and Trump’s… | listen

12/13/17 // Early 2000s Music Videos You Loved, But You Now Realize Are Sexist

MTV was a different place in the early 2000s... | read

12/12/17 // Dr. Steve Billet, Part II: Presidential Opposition

In Part II, Dr. Steve Billet discusses the enormity of the Trump-Russia saga and how strong, loud presidential opposition could be America's new norm, no matter who's in the Oval Office. | listen

12/12/17 // Final Thoughts on the Alabama Election

It’s the day of the special election in Alabama and we look at the discourse around evangelicals and Trump, a Washington Post story looks in detail at how the tax plan abandoned the middle class,… | listen

12/11/17 // Dr. Steve Billet, Part I: A Crazy Year in Politics

For the final time in 2017, Dr. Steve Billet joins the show to discuss the wild year in politics, rethinking American exceptionalism, and how recent sexual assault and harassment allegations could end up empowering women in politics. | listen

12/11/17 // Roy Moore Thinks Slavery Made America Great

Roy Moore thinks America was great during slavery, and listener responses to some of our recent discussions.      photo courtesy of United States Congress via Wikimedia Commons | listen

12/8/17 // Stephen Gilman on Childhood Trauma & Mental Illness

Stephen Gilman joins the show to discuss his recent studying exploring the transmission of mental illness to children of people who have suffered childhood trauma of their own. | listen

12/8/17 // Ep 35 // Steven Pestana & Shout! / ‘The Shape Of Water’

Matt Ruby interviews Steve Pestana about the influential party known as ‘Shout!’ that took place in New York City between 1997 and 2006. Charles Hinshaw on ‘The Shape Of Water.’ John Knefel on how the FBI isn’t your friend. Sneak preview of Becca Mancari’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

12/8/17 // Jesse Myerson on the GOP’s Long Game

Jesse Myerson is here to talk about how the GOP will use the tax bill to further cut Social Security and Medicare, and new info on Flynn’s side projects as National Security Advisor, and thoughts on… | listen

12/7/17 // Jacob Vigil, Part II: Cannabis Treating Pain

In Part II, Jacob Vigil discusses motivations for medical cannabis as a pain treatment and further research required to broadly accept it. | listen

12/7/17 // Al Franken’s Resignation Helps Nobody

Now we have one less liberal voice and a Republican Congress | read

12/7/17 // MGG Thursday, Jerusalem, the Silence Breakers

It’s MGG Thursday and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk about the Time Person of the Year cover story and the firing of Sam Seder. Also, Trump is about to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s… | listen

12/7/17 // John Knefel // The FBI Is Not Your Friend

Although many liberals have praised and otherwise been mostly supportive of FBI investigations into the 2016 election, the law enforcement agency has long been known for spying and blackmail rather… | watch

12/6/17 // Jacob Vigil, Part I: Medical Cannabis Program

Jacob Vigil joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring medical cannabis as a treatment for chronic pain patients instead of prescription opioids. | listen

12/6/17 // Jeff Flake Still Sucks, Part 2

The gutless senator outdid himself once again. | read

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