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8/17/17 // Mario Weick on Intuition

Mario Weick joins the show to discuss his recent study on self-perceived intuition. | listen

8/17/17 // Molly Knefel // The True Face of White Supremacy

Molly Knefel challenges a widely accepted falsehood that Donald Trump was elected by poor and lower middle-class white people lacking education, and that those are the people responsible for spreading… | watch

8/16/17 // Adam Johnson, Part II: America the Benevolent Giant

In Part II, Adam Johnson talks about the media's tendency to frame the United States in a benevolent light and the cultish ideology surrounding American war. | listen

8/16/17 // Pleading For Help During Trump’s Press Conference

Fifth Avenue was quiet as Trump cast blame for Charlottesville on the alt left. | read

8/16/17 // Sarah Jaffe on Charlottesville

Sarah Jaffe joins us to discuss the violence in Charlottesville, Just John takes a close look at Steve Bannon, and more listener mail in response to the Nazi violence over the… | listen

8/15/17 // Adam Johnson, Part I: North Korean Context

In part one, Adam Johnson discusses the media portrayals of North Korea and their lack of context, including selective memory about the destruction of the Korean War. | listen

8/15/17 // Nazis Murder a Protester in Charlottesville

We spend the hour on the Nazi violence in Charlottesville over the weekend. Antifascist Resistance photo by Ahmadi courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | listen

8/14/17 // Sapna Cheryan on Associations of Americanness

Sapna Cheryan joins the show to discuss her recent study that found Asian Americans who are heavier are perceived to be more American, the impact of her research in our current social climate, and much more. | listen

8/14/17 // NYC Tosses Old Warrants

John is in the studio, Manafort’s house was raided, Republicans say they would support postponing the election if Trump suggested it, and New York City moves to dismiss 644,000 warrants for minor… | listen

8/11/17 // Weekly Rundown: Nuking for Flavor

Joe rambles on about Trump's threats to North Korea, America's unstable moral position on nukes, and John Carney's Statue of Liberty meltdown. | listen

8/11/17 // Ep 18 // Anti-Choice Democrats / DOJ vs. Affirmative Action / ‘Good Time’

Rena Karefa-Johnson on anti-choice Dem candidates and DOJ targeting affirmative action; Jacqueline Soller on ‘Good Time’ starring Robert Pattinson; John Knefel on white resentment in the White House; sneak peak of Re-TROS BTR Live Studio session. | listen

8/11/17 // JAMJAM Fridays IRL

It’s JAMJAM Fridays and Jesse Myerson is here in the studio to explain markets before, during and after capitalism. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter | listen

8/11/17 // Meet Heavy Metal Healthcare Advocate Tim Faust

Faust's talks are generous in details about the failures underpinning America’s health care system. But they’re also engaging, funny and driven by urgent moral clarity. | read

8/10/17 // Lilo Stainton on Healthcare

Lilo Stainton joins the show to discuss the GOP's failure to repeal Obamacare, the possibility of bipartisan cooperation, increased public interest in healthcare, and more. | listen

8/10/17 // MGG Thursdays plus John

It’s MGG Thursdays and Melissa Gira Grant is here with Molly and John to talk North Korea, Google, and Congress. Melissa Gira Grant, via Twitter | listen

8/9/17 // Shea Serrano on Writing (and Other Things)

Author Shea Serrano joins the show to discuss making a living as a writer, The Rap Yearbook being turned into a miniseries, his new book Basketball (and Other Things), and more. | listen

8/9/17 // John in the Studio!

John is in the studio to talk how climate change is already impacting the United States, de Blasio proposes a millionaires tax to fund the MTA, and a check in on the left conflict around Kamala… | listen

8/8/17 // Jason Moser on Controlling Stress in Third Person

Jason Moser joins the show to discuss his recent study that found referring to yourself in the third person can help control stressful emotions. | listen

8/8/17 // School Closures Post No Child Left Behind

Two different stories look at public school closures and what happens to the kids who rely on so called “failing schools,” and Morning John what to watch for during the August recess. No Child… | listen

8/7/17 // Rich Hanley on Media Events & Trends

Rich Hanley joins the show to discuss MSNBC's primetime ratings triumph, Fox News's ties to the Trump administration, the future of football broadcasting rights, and much more. | listen

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