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11/20/17 // Giving Thanks and Dropping Bass

Big and beautiful this week! New tracks from DMX Krew, Second Woman, Rolando Simmons and always more! Here we go!!! This is the glitch//idm show. | listen

11/20/17 // Canadian Indie Pop Band Takes the One Spot

 All the best new indie albums out there and it's in one spot. The BTR Top 10 on BTRtoday.com.               Weaves                 Salt Petal… | listen

11/20/17 // The Liza Colby Sound

The Liza Colby Sound slaps you in the face with true blue raw rock 'n' roll! | listen

11/20/17 // “Percolate” by Gabrielle Marlena

Gabrielle Marlena is a folk singer who has moved from Connecticut to Montreal to Brooklyn. Her sound and songs, influenced by these moves and her life experiences, come together in a way that is both… | watch

11/20/17 // The Liza Colby Sound Oozes Danger And Sexuality

Liza Colby’s theme song would be raw rock ‘n’ roll and her superpower is pure, strong and dangerous female sexuality. | read

11/20/17 // Pimpin’ The Emerald Cup

The Pimps of Joytime join the Roots at this year’s Emerald Cup, December 9-10 in Sonoma County, California | listen

11/20/17 // Run For It

Electronica via INNA, Alexey Union, Deadmau5 & more! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Sirens Of Saturn, Özgür Can & Rasmus Kellerman! | listen

11/19/17 // Mid November Chillin'

Here's how we chill mid November; Turn on this damn show (Dealer's Choice), crank the damn volume, jam the hell out! Doubleshots and new tunes to celebrate mid November and the year that is and was 2017. | listen

11/19/17 // Ernesto Cervini

Acclaimed Canadian drummer and composer Ernesto Cervini talks about his new Anzic Records album “Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop - REV” | listen

11/18/17 // #Enhanced

No games this week. Just lots of new tunes from the likes of Nightmares On Wax, The Ghost of Paul Revere, Hoops, Fits, and Superchunk. And, obviously, some The Music Digest brand tangents… this week… | listen

11/18/17 // Holiday Helpings & Blues

Tune in to the Listening Booth for the BTRToday debut of the mysterious Lord Sonny The Unifier + info on a benefit concert w/Har-Di-Har! | listen

11/18/17 // Dancehall Unplugged

Get ready to whine your waist to this fiery playlist! Enjoy wicked new riddims by Yungg Trip, Shenseea, Vybz Kartel, Konshens, Spice! | listen

11/17/17 // Scott H. Biram and Ha Ha Tonka on the Show

Not your typical country show. With music rooted in American, folk, country, punk and more. New music in the mix today from Ha Ha Tonka and Scott H. Biram. | listen

11/17/17 // Holiday

Our DJs are joining together once again and picking tracks that remind them of the holidays. Get eight perspectives with musical selections hand picked just for you. | listen

11/17/17 // “NICE” by KRISTEEN YOUNG

KRISTEEN YOUNG is a musical force of nature, drawing on punk, riot grrrl, and rock to craft her own unique and dramatic form of pop. Every moment is filled with passion and energy, and that… | watch

11/17/17 // KRISTEEN YOUNG

KRISTEEN YOUNG is a musical force of nature, drawing on punk, riot grrrl, cabaret, and all sorts of pop to craft her unique and dramatic form of pop. Every moment is filled with passion and energy,… | listen

11/17/17 // The Punk Rock History Of ‘Gabba Gabba Hey’

You may have screamed it along with The Ramones, but do you even know what it means? | read

11/17/17 // The Cool­ Out Mix

Cooling, yeah we just cooling, vibing. The dope sounds and beats of reggaeton, we rocking. Check out the mix. Friday, we get you in that mood. Go out, dance, eat or cool out. Shout out to everybody who always tunes in and helps spread the word. We salute you. Hit me up on my Facebook, Shawn Bazarro… | listen

11/17/17 // Episode 55 / Father/Daughter part 2 / Jessi Frick Interview

This week we revisit the Miami and San Francisco-based label, Father/Daughter Records, and Jessi Frick from the label joins us on the phone to talk bands, running a business, and aging, and we check… | listen

11/16/17 // Big Personalities Stormed The Stage At Cherry Glazerr’s Brooklyn Show

Cherry Glazerr, Thick and Dances had the room bursting with energy and excitement. Not bad for a Sunday night. | read

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