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2/22/18 // No Ring Wrestling in Brooklyn: Death Match 8

Death Match 8 at Tender Trap was full of music, blood, and good old no ring wrestling. | read

2/22/18 // You Know I Love You So Bad

Tunes from American Pleasure Club, Wing Vilma, Martin Newell and more! | listen

2/22/18 // Water No Get Enemy

W.N.G.E. is more philosophical than political, postulating the motion of water as a metaphor for human interaction & the rhythms of society | listen

2/22/18 // We Love Pancakes

Today the show features music from DJ E-Clyps, Rapson, Filta Freqz, Kai & Kyle and Folamour. | listen

2/21/18 // The Mystery Lights Show Was a Blizzard Of Rock ‘N’ Roll Chaos

A dreamy flash blizzard for a wild night of music. | read

2/21/18 // #68: New Music From Hockey Dad, Palehound, Superchunk & So Much More!

Nothing like a hump day full of new music to keep you happy for the rest of the week! xoxo   | listen

2/21/18 // Roots, Rock, Reggae, Panda, Delphine...

For the love of roots rock reggae!  Another 50/50 gem with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad and Delphine.  Listen as I weave these 2 artists between each other and tickle your earbuds | listen

2/21/18 // Theme Music for Your Life Mix

Press play. Now walk around where ever you at and just make this mix your theme music for your life. Walk wit a bop, confidence with your head up high in the sky. A lot of joints on this mix will just have your neck snapping and your head bopping. You can't ignore it. You can't help it. Just pump… | listen

2/21/18 // Salute The DJ

Today's show features music from A$AP Ferg, Bumpy Knuckles, Big Twins & much more. | listen

2/20/18 // Happy Birthday PMC

Deep and choice cuts from Panjabi’s music career | listen

2/20/18 // The Mad Doctors

The Mad Doctors are the fuzzy, scuzzy, fun wild genius punks at the center of the growing Brooklyn whirlwind scene that is King Pizza Records. The Doctors: Seth, Josh, and Greg happen to be insanely… | listen

2/20/18 // "Nerd Alert" by The Mad Doctors

The Mad Doctors are the fun and fuzzy, wild genius punks at the center of the growing Brooklyn whirlwind scene that is King Pizza Records. The Doctors -- Seth, Josh, and Greg (you may recognize two of… | watch

2/20/18 // Salute J Dilla

Today features music from UFO Fev, V Stylez, Lyric Jones, J Scienide & more. | listen

2/20/18 // New Joan As Police Woman

Joan As Police Woman and Ruby Boots both have new music. Plus DJ Emily has a Top 10 Remix with music from the most played artist on BTR, Holy. | listen

2/20/18 // Work It Harder

Electronica via Felguk, The Tribe Of Good! Take your sweat session to the next level w/ ‘Dream & Disaster’ by Spag Heddy ft. Micah Martin! | listen

2/19/18 // Extreme Intricate Extremities

Here we go again!!! We're featuring new tracks from Venetian Snares, Zack Christ, Flint Kids and always more! So let's do this, glitch//idm. | listen

2/19/18 // Holy are Taking the Top Spot

Holy are taking the top honor this week as we count down the most played artists on BTR. | listen

2/19/18 // Lola Pistola

This week we chat and listen to the music of the badass rocker with the voice of a fallen angel Lola Pistola. | listen

2/19/18 // Punk Rocker Arvelisse Ruby Went From Backup Singer to Lola Pistola

A voice that needed the spotlight. | read

2/19/18 // "Another Song About Ghosts" by Joy Again

Hailing from the rich cultural breeding ground of Philadelphia, Joy Again is a quintet right at that vital point in their career between just starting out and truly figuring out their sound - in this… | watch

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