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8/14/17 // “Rita” by Madeline Kenney

Madeline Kenney is a singer-songwriter based in Oakland, California. Her debut album, Night Night At The First Landing, which was produced by Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bear, is out on September 1 from… | watch

8/13/17 // Vegetarianism Is Making You Depressed

Vegetarian and vegan diets are arguably more environmentally friendly than meat based ones. But a recent study suggests they also might be making you sad. | read

8/6/17 // Delivering the Death of Supermarkets

Millennials want instant gratification. Online grocery shopping is one of many ways to provide this. Are we headed towards the death of supermarkets? | read

7/31/17 // The End: Unicorn Latte

The End is a Brooklyn coffee shop, known for whimsical atmosphere and Instagram-worthy creations, inspired by its sister store, Montauk Juice Factory, on the east end of Long Island. One of The End's… | watch

7/30/17 // I Ate Grasshopper Ice Cream So You Don’t Have To

Are you brave enough to eat insect ice cream? An ice cream shop in the Village is serving up grasshoppers instead of sprinkles. Delicious, or just creepy? | read

7/16/17 // Brandless Is The Non-Brand You Never Knew You Needed

If you’re broke and boring, $3 essentials are exciting. Today, $9 juices and $14 artisanal jars of almond butter are the norm. Millennials want specialized products, and they’re willing to pay… | read

7/9/17 // Is Your Food Faking It?

Your food might be fooling you. | read

7/3/17 // Grilling Foods, Ranked

A definitive list of the best grilling foods available for your Fourth of July barbecue. | read

7/2/17 // Why Fad Diets Always Fail

Nutritionist Amy Shapiro believes the key to a healthy, body doesn’t lie in clickbait articles or celebrity endorsed products. | read

6/27/17 // Reviews are Mixed for Hangover Cure

The BTRtoday editorial staff road-tested the FlyBy hangover cure over a typical weekend. Here are their reports. | read

6/25/17 // Artisanal Snacks Are The New Fidget Spinners

Millennials want personalized product from custom makeup to specialized sneakers. This hunger for experience-based purchases extends to the world of snack food. | read

6/17/17 // Amazon Buys Whole Foods, Completes World Domination

Amazon is buying Whole Foods—proving once and for all that they rule the world. | read

6/11/17 // Millennials Are Killing Casual Dining

Chain restaurants just aren’t cool, and millennials are shunning them because of it. Is this the nail in the coffin for casual dining? | read

5/28/17 // Can you Change the World by Changing What You Eat?

Worried about the morality of your dinner? Shelburne Farms is pairing delicious food and social justice. | read

5/21/17 // Are Doughflowers More Than Gimmicks?

New York's Doughnut Plant has created a collection of rose-shaped doughnuts. Are they just another fleeting food trend, or a revelatory treat that will stand the test of time? You decide.   | read

4/12/17 // Cured Meat Is the New Jam

There's all sorts of things you can do in your own kitchen--and curing meat is one of them! | read

4/11/17 // What to Do With Your Passover Leftovers

Seder food is the best. Here's how you can enjoy it for days to come! | read

4/9/17 // What's Your Comfort Food?

Grilled cheese, ice cream, and french fries all rank as America's favorite comfort foods. | read

4/5/17 // The Spaghetti Donut Has Arrived

Is it a terrifying or brilliant invention? | read

4/4/17 // ASMR Food Videos Are Ear Candy

ASMR food videos can make your body tingle and your mouth water all at the same time. | read

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