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11/23/17 // Rich Hanley on Thanksgiving & Football

Rich Hanley returns to discuss the connection between football and Thanksgiving and how football mirrors America, including its current state of political turmoil. | listen

11/23/17 // Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! John is in the studio and we’re talking about Bill Clinton and Joe Biden’s bad histories, and listener mail on impeachment, bikes, and hope. | listen

11/23/17 // Macy's Thanksgiving Balloon Inflation 2017

Preview the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with a visit to the Inflation Celebration | read

11/23/17 // The Definitive Thanksgiving Food Ranking

Don’t eat like a dummy. Make the most of the holiday with our guide to good grub. | read

11/23/17 // The Apparitionists’ by Peter Manseau

A story of faith and fraud in post–Civil War America, told through the lens of a photographer who claimed he could capture images of the dead. | listen

11/22/17 // Ken Johnson, Part II: Millennial Mobility

Ken Johnson discusses the mobility of Millennials and whether the generation will learn to save better than previous ones. | listen

11/22/17 // Frontline’s “Poor Kids”

Frontline’s Jezza Neumann joins us to discuss his updated Frontline documentary “Poor Kids,” about child poverty in the United States. Also, John is in the studio to discuss the latest… | listen

11/22/17 // Michael // Overcoming Drug Addiction

In this episode, Michael describes how and why he started to use drugs, what life was like through his years of continued use and how things are going now that he is clean. 1st Person is presented by… | watch

11/21/17 // Ken Johnson Part I: Ownership & Wealth

Ken Johnson joins the show to discuss his recent study that found that home ownership doesn't necessarily correlate to greater wealth, upending a long-held notion about the American dream. | listen

11/21/17 // The Unnecessary Crisis of the Tax Plan

John is in the studio to talk about the incredibly dangerous economics behind the tax plan, Trump’s racism towards black athletes, and listener mail.     Ron Johnson photo courtesy of US… | listen

11/21/17 // Delilah Jones

Delilah Jones is a mixed media collage artist, photographer and poet from Queens, New York. Delilah received a BFA in Photography in 2009 from the State University of New York at New Paltz. Since… | listen

11/20/17 // Emily LaFrance on Cannabis & Creativity

Emily LaFrance joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring the link between cannabis use and creativity. | listen

11/20/17 // Billboard Makers Delighted by Manson's Death

WFMU has sported Charles Manson on a Newark, NJ billboard since September. | read

11/20/17 // Marshawn Lynch Stays Quiet After Trump Tweets

If Lynch decides to respond to Trump, rest assured it'll be short and simple. | read

11/20/17 // Al Franken, Too

A radio host accuses Al Franken of groping and harassment in 2006, a New York Times story details the amount of civilians killed in Iraq, and listener mail. | listen

11/17/17 // Adrian Solgaard on Solgaard Design

Adrian Solgaard joins the show to discuss his creative background, the trials of starting a company from scratch, and Solgaard Design's newest products. | listen

11/17/17 // Ep 32 // Louis CK / ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’

Kate Willett and Matt Ruby on Louis CK’s fall from grace. Charles Hinshaw on ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.’ Molly Knefel on the linger effects of the infamous ‘Access Hollywood’ tape; Sneak preview of Jane Weaver’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

11/17/17 // JAMJAM Fridays on How the System is Rigged

It’s JAMJAM Fridays and Jesse Myerson is here to talk about how the rigged system is the key to building political solidarity. Also, Morning John on the latest Roy Moore allegations and the tax… | listen

11/17/17 // Art Project Lets You Yell At Your Trump Loving Relatives

Confronting your racist Uncle Jerry is uncomfortable and downright scary. The conversation can go a thousand ways and most of them are terrible. But listening to him sympathize with Nazis is equally… | read

11/16/17 // Gary King on Media Influence & Impact

Gary King joins the show to discuss his recent study measuring the impact of news media and Twitter discussion, including the surprising power of small media outlets. | listen

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