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5/23/18 // Sean McElwee on Abolishing ICE and the Primaries So Far

Sean McElwee, co-founder of Data For Progress, joins us to discuss his proposal to abolish ICE, and what the primaries tell us about the current state of both political parties. Also, an article at The Intercept argues Chuck Schumer’s foreign policy is nearly indistinguishable from Trump. | listen

5/23/18 // Reynaldo // Immigrating To America

Reynaldo shares what inspired him to immigrate to the United States, what he misses about his home country of Panama and what he’s learned from living in New York. | watch

5/22/18 // The Bargain for Access: Part II with Trevor Beaulieu

In Part II, Trevor Beaulieu discusses the nature of Kanye West's genius and the bargain that black artists make in order to be accepted and celebrated by white elites & tastemakers. | listen

5/22/18 // Passion

What passes for passion in your life? Getting tossed into the friend zone right before the prom? Throwing up during your first kiss? Personally, we hope you’ve had better luck than our performers,… | listen

5/22/18 // Bryce Covert on Childcare and Paid Family Leave

Bryce Covert joins us to discuss universal childcare, paid family leave, and the North Carolina teachers’ strike. Also, Trump calls for a DOJ investigation into an already existing investigation,… | listen

5/22/18 // Let Tony Soprano Provide Your Summer Style Guide

Tony isn't just the boss of the Soprano crime family, he's the don of middle-aged Italian fashion. | read

5/22/18 // Elizabeth Knowles

Elizabeth Knowles is a visual artist who creates paintings, sculptures and installations revealing the life force of nature emerging as visual patterns. | listen

5/21/18 // Kanye West & Basquiat Rappers: Part I with Trevor Beaulieu

Trevor Beaulieu joins the show to discuss the ways in which Kanye West's social media meltdown relates to Basquiat's conflicts with status and race. | listen

5/21/18 // Elizabeth Beavers on Haspel, GL Johnson on DSA Pittsburgh

Elizabeth Beavers, associate policy director at Indivisible, joins us to discuss the confirmation of Gina Haspel to run the CIA. Also, GL Johnson from DSA Pittsburgh discusses the big wins for socialists last Tuesday. Last but not least, Trump issues a new plan to defund Planned Parenthood. | listen

5/21/18 // Night Of 1,000 Bowies at House Of Yes

House Of Yes hosted a wild night of David Bowie-inspired dance and performance. | read

5/21/18 // Cat Camp 2018 // Lil Bub

BreakThruTv's Chelsea White returns to the 2nd annual Cat Camp to talk with cat owners, cat-centric proprietors and celebrity cats. In this episode, she talks with Lil Bub and her owner, Mike, about… | watch

5/18/18 // Weekly Rundown: It's Okay to Clown Racists

Joe discusses the racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, why it's okay (and good) to publicly ridicule racists, and Fox News' fractured logic around… | listen

5/18/18 // Ep 58 // 2018 Summer Movie Preview / ‘Cargo’

Our 2018 Summer Movie Preview. Jacqueline Soller and J. McVay on ‘Cargo.’ A performance from Tracy Bonham’s recent BTR Live Studio session. | listen

5/18/18 // David Klion on RussiaGate and Gaza

David Klion on Israel’s violence in Gaza and a better way to think about the Russia investigation. Also, Trump calls some undocumented immigrants “animals,” and a video of a Manhattan racist… | listen

5/18/18 // Tom Wolfe’s Empty White Suit

Tom Wolfe was my first favorite writer and the one whose influence I regret the most. | read

5/17/18 // The War Nerd, Part II: John Dolan with Adam Bulger

In Part II, Adam and John Dolan discuss changes from the original 'Illiad,' how academia tends to omit violence and other fun stuff from classic texts, and what John has been up to over the years.  | listen

5/17/18 // Meagan Day on the Workplace Democracy Act

Jacobin Magazine’s Meagan Day joins us to discuss Bernie Sanders’ Workplace Democracy Act and the impacts of neoliberalism on the workforce. Also, Tuesday was a big night for Socialists in the… | listen

5/17/18 // ‘Ecstasy’ by Mary Sharratt

In the glittering hotbed of turn-of-the-twentieth century Vienna, one woman’s life would define and defy an era | listen

5/16/18 // The War Nerd John Dolan! Part I with Adam Bulger

BTRtoday Editor-in-Chief Adam Bulger interviews John Dolan (aka Gary Brecher, The War Nerd) about his modern translation of Homer's 'The Illiad.' | listen

5/16/18 // Maysoon Zayid and Emma Saltzberg on Israel’s Violence in Gaza

Maysoon Zayid  joins us to discuss Israel’s deadly use of force against Gazans and the US embassy’s opening in Jerusalem. And Emma Saltzberg from If Not Now joins us to talk about how young… | listen

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