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6/27/17 // Margaret-Inga Urías

Margaret-Inga Urías is a New York based artist who works across the disciplines of drawing, photography, installation and sculpture. Her work—which is rooted in scientific research—considers… | listen

6/26/17 // Pride NYC with Taia and Kimberly

BTRtoday's Taia Handlin joins the show to discuss the encouragement of Pride and discords within the LGBT community. Then, BTR's Kimberly Ruth calls in to talk about her experience photographing the New York Pride March. | listen

6/26/17 // AfterGLOW: Checking in With The Former Community Cast

In celebration of Alison Brie's new Netflix show GLOW, we look at what the former cast of Community's been up to. | read

6/26/17 // New York Pride March

Tens of thousands lined the streets of Manhattan on Sunday for the 48th NYC LGBT Pride March. The first march was held in 1970 and has since become an annual civil rights demonstration. Over the… | read

6/23/17 // Dr. Steve Billet on Special Elections, Nancy Pelosi & Healthcare

Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the special election results, criticism of Nancy Pelosi, the new AHCA, and the removal of cameras from press briefings. | listen

6/23/17 // Ep 11 // (Amazon + Whole Foods) x (Facebook - Media Companies) / ‘Rough Night’

This week, we welcome back contributor Matt Ruby, along with new contributor Charles Gould, to discuss Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods and friction in the relationship between Facebook and media… | listen

6/22/17 // Pavel Goldstein on The Touch Effect

Pavel Goldstein joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the effect of touch in synchronizing body functions between romantic partners. | listen

6/22/17 // NASA Again Promises Aliens and Doesn’t Deliver

Stop toying with us, NASA. You’re the boy who cried aliens one too many times. | read

6/21/17 // Dr. Wei Luo on Martian Water

Dr. Wei Luo joins the show to discuss his recent study calculating the amount of water need to carve the ancient network of valleys on Mars. | listen

6/21/17 // We Can’t Afford Guns Anymore

There have been about 153 mass shootings this year alone. America's love of guns is destroying us. | read

6/21/17 // Jeffrey // Jailed in China

In this episode, Jeffrey shares the story of how he was arrested and jailed in China before the 2008 Olympics. He recounts the events leading up to his arrest and the lie he invented during… | watch

6/20/17 // Arif Razvi on Hello Alvin and Telehealth

Arif Razvi of Hello Alvin discusses the future of telehealth and making healthcare more appealing to younger generations. | listen

6/19/17 // Adam Bulger on Father's Day

BTRtoday's Editor-in-Chief Adam Bulger joins the show to discuss his Father's Day, what the holiday means to him, and the shameful masculinity of hiding in man caves. | listen

6/19/17 // Shakespeare Fans Laugh Off Protesters

Shakespeare in the Park theatergoers are mostly unimpressed by Trump supporter protesters. | read

6/16/17 // Dr. Marino Bruce on Spiritual and Physical Health

Dr. Marino Bruce joins the show to discuss his recent study that suggests attending church or religious services could help you live longer, and the impact spiritual health can have on physical health. | listen

6/16/17 // Ep 10 // Senate Hearings on Russia / Apologies From Kathy Griffin & Bill Maher / ‘It Comes At Night’

This week, we welcome back contributors Oriana Leckert and Matt Ruby to discuss the ongoing hearings in the Senate Intelligence Committee on possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign,… | listen

6/16/17 // Flesh Hooking Pulls Into Mermaid Parade

A new fetish involving people getting pierced and suspended comes to Brooklyn. | read

6/15/17 // Tasseli McKay on Anti-LGBT Bullying

Tasseli McKay joins the show to discuss her study exploring the rise in anti-LGBT bullying and harassment. | listen

6/15/17 // Fox News Men Can’t Shut Up

I used an app to tally how much the network’s men dominate conversations. Big shocker: it’s a lot. | read

6/14/17 // Matthew Barr, Part II: Multiplayer Game Skills

Matthew Barr discusses his belief in moderation and discipline with video games, and why his study focused primarily on multiplayer games. | listen

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