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3/19/18 // Don’t Let the Airport Ruin Your Race

Air travel can be stressful and difficult, especially when you're traveling before a race day. But with preparation and the right attitude, everything can still be all right when you toe the line. | read

3/12/18 // Does VO2 Max Make Sense For You?

For pro athletes, determining their aerobic endurance in a lab setting can be an essential tool. But it’s not for everybody. | read

3/5/18 // Making Sense of Supplements

The world of pills and powders is confusing but the right combination could take your performance to the next level. | read

2/26/18 // Making Pre-Race Jitters Work For You

When you toe the line for a race, you’re bound to be nervous. That stress can help you or paralyze you—here’s what you have to remember. | read

2/20/18 // Should Runners Cross-Train?

Adding cross-training to your routine can get the benefits of running without the harmful impact. | read

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