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2/25/14 // Art Uncovered - Forgotten Olympic Art Competitions

Did you know they used to give out Olympic medals for art? It's true! From 1912 to 1948 the IOC awarded officials medals for painting, sculpture, architecture, literature and music. There was a rule that all submissions had to be sports themed, so a lot of the pieces have titles like "Ode to… | listen

9/25/12 // Art Uncovered - NFL Films

Last Tuesday, Steve Sabol, the long-time president, filmmaker and creative force behind NFL Films, passed away. Through artful cinematography and epic orchestral soundtracks Sabol is largely credited with creating the mythology and visual aesthetic of the National Football League, forever changing… | listen

3/13/12 // Art Uncovered -- The Sports Show

Harold Eugene Edgerton, Football Kick, 1938 Today on the show we are going to be talking about sports. My guest, curator David Little, has just put together an exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute… | listen

11/29/11 // Art Uncovered -- Die Like You Really Mean It

This week on Art Uncovered artists Paul Brainard and Frank Webster talk about the show they've curated at Allegra LaViola Gallery: Die Like You Really Mean It. The show is on view through December 3rd, 2011. | listen

10/18/11 // Art Uncovered -- Steve Lambert

This week on Art Uncovered I speak with Steve Lambert. Steve makes objects and creates experiences that connect idealistic and radical ideas with everyday life. His works offer glimpses a better (dare I say utopian?) world, and allow us to ask, "well what if?" | listen

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