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11/1/17 // Roger Waters, Thurston Moore & TV on the Radio Protest Nick Cave’s Israel Shows

With local Palestinian artists being arrested and banned from traveling, international rock stars are urging their peers to stay away from Israel. | read

4/28/15 // Art Uncovered

Photographer Tessa Traeger has been using a trove of victorian glass negatives to create her new project The Chemistry of light. For the project she rephotographed these old plate negatives as still lives using natural light and mirrors to highlight the dramatic forms of chemical decay that have… | listen

9/16/14 // Art Uncovered

Photographer Laura Plageman is know for a body of work called the Response Series. The project is a collection of unusual landscape images that Laura makes by physically folding, tearing and crumpling her prints and then re-photographing the results with a large format camera. In the final… | listen

7/29/14 // Art Uncovered

Photographer Emil Hartvig is based in Copenhagen, but recently he came to the United States and traveled through the Midwest to photograph the Prepper movement. Preppers subscribe to an extreme kind of disaster preparedness. They're not setting aside a few bottles of water or a flashlight in case… | listen

5/6/14 // Art Uncovered - Design and Violence

Imagine yourself on a roller coaster. You're towed up to the top of the first drop, over 500 meters off the ground -- taller than the empire state building. and you're presented with a button. If you decide you still want to go, you push it. As you fall nine times the force of gravity pins you to… | listen

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