Artist: Shana Falana

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New York, NY / US
Hudson, NY / US

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7/19/17 // Episode 19 // Gimme Tinnitus NYCLU Mixtape + More

Gimme Tinnitus has been a great booster of the local NYC/Brooklyn music scene for many years. And now, along with Mirror Universe Tapes, they’ve put together a mixtape featuring a slew of great… | listen

7/14/17 // Episode 37

It's our monthly break from the record label features, and a chance to enjoy a playlist full of great music that may have been previously overlooked on the show, as well as a few choice cuts from the… | listen

6/16/17 // Episode 33 / Team Love Records

This week we dig into the past couple weeks of brand new releases before taking a little trip up the road to New Paltz, NY to check out some music from the Team Love record label!   | listen

6/9/17 // Episode 32

Halfway through 2017, we take a break from the record label features and catch up with some of the past few month's new releases for this episode of the show. | listen

5/15/17 // Week of 05/15/17

Take The Leap with DJ Wynn and hear new music from Alex Napping, Hot Flash Heat Wave, Soley, and Warm Soda. | listen

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