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11/4/17 // Pop-Electro-R&B-Diversity Edition

The Listening Booth is spinning pop alt, electronica, & R&B + a spotlight on the new album by Weaves & a pair from the BTR Live Studio! | listen

7/12/17 // The Listening Booth: Triptastic Electro Spotlight

Hit fresh tracks in the Listening Booth w/the debut of Moons of Mercury, along with electronica crossover from Ride, & folk w/Fai Baba! | listen

6/11/17 // Week of 06/11/17

This all-female set is the perfect hour of music for your Sunday. Listen along with your host, DJ Emily. | listen

6/9/17 // Episode 32

Halfway through 2017, we take a break from the record label features and catch up with some of the past few month's new releases for this episode of the show. | listen

5/24/17 // Week of 05/24/17

The Listening Booth highlights artists Bonnaroo & the Sasquatch Music Festivals this week with info on a chance to win tickets to Bonnaroo! | listen

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