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5/29/17 // Week of 05/29/17

Awwwww yeah!! Mind-bending and body-calming show this week. Featuring tracks from Venetian Snares, Thriftworks, Subjex and always more! So let's get into it, the glitch//idm show! | listen

5/1/17 // Week of 05/01/17

Welcome back everyone! Awesome new stuff this week from Woulg, Lorn, Daniel Fury and always a ton more. So let's do it together. This is the glitch//idm show with dj skymall!!! | listen

4/17/17 // Week of 04/17/17

Totally crazy one this week! Featuring new tracks from Clark, Taylor Deupree, Lorn and always more! So let's get into it; this is the glitch//idm show!!! | listen

4/3/17 // Week of 04/03/17

Hell yes! Another amazing, crazy, chaotic, and glitch-filled show this week; featuring new tracks from Onsy, Nuanae, Solypsis and always more. So let's get into it on the glitch//idm show!!! | listen

3/27/17 // Week of 03/27/17

Big, Bold, and Booming show this week! Featuring tracks from Talaboman, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Lakker and always the best more! So let's get it in together...on the glitch//idm show! | listen

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