Artist: Rhythm Future Quartet

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Richmond, VT / US

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5/14/17 // Week of 05/14/17

Listen to an interview with trumpeter, composer and bandleader Rebecca Hennessy and much more on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole | listen

4/17/16 // Week of 4/17/16

The Jazz Hole with Linus features several international jazz artists today, including music from Eliane Amherd’s new album Skylines, Beat Kaestli’s new album Live In Europe, Rythm Future Quartet’s new album Travels, and much more. | listen

4/10/16 // Week of 04/10/16

This week’s Jazz Hole with Linus features a deep conversation with guitarist Jake Hertzog about his new solo electric guitar album "Well Lit Shadow." | listen

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