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5/8/17 // Week of 05/08/17

Amazing, Insane and Outlandish this week! Featuring new tracks from Actress, Woulg, JR Gurupu and always more!!! So let's do it! This is the the glitch//idm show | listen

5/1/17 // Week of 05/01/17

Welcome back everyone! Awesome new stuff this week from Woulg, Lorn, Daniel Fury and always a ton more. So let's do it together. This is the glitch//idm show with dj skymall!!! | listen

3/20/17 // Week of 03/20/17

Another awesome and weird show this week! Featuring new tracks from Nathan Fake, Roel Funcken, Herva, and always a ton more. So come on and let's go with the glitch//idm show! | listen

11/7/16 // Week of 11/07/16

Here we go! Get ready for a smooth and jagged mix of some smile-inducing glitchy tracks; featuring Mouse on Mars, Machinedrum, Kyoka and always more more more!!! | listen

10/17/16 // Week of 10/17/16

Are you ready!!! Creepy show this week featuring new tracks from Grischa Lichtenberger, Boys Noize and always the best of the rest/// So let's get dark and down on this week's Glitch/IDM show... | listen

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