Artist: Nathan Fake

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Amsterdam, / Netherlands
Liège, / Belgium
Ghent, / Belgium

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10/23/17 // deep, soulful, and soothing...

Big and beautiful show this week! Feel the feels with new tracks from Dark Sky, Dauwd, Four Tet and more!!! Here we goooooo; this is glitch//idm! | listen

4/3/17 // Week of 04/03/17

Hell yes! Another amazing, crazy, chaotic, and glitch-filled show this week; featuring new tracks from Onsy, Nuanae, Solypsis and always more. So let's get into it on the glitch//idm show!!! | listen

3/20/17 // Week of 03/20/17

Another awesome and weird show this week! Featuring new tracks from Nathan Fake, Roel Funcken, Herva, and always a ton more. So come on and let's go with the glitch//idm show! | listen

8/8/16 // Week of 08/08/16

Glitch happy IDM weirdness featuring new tunes from Tycho, Crypto Tropic, Logan Takahashi and much more. Embrace the strange and enjoy the electronic moments. | listen

12/23/13 // Glitch IDM

Big, HUGE show today! I'm sure by now we are all feeling that end of the year, holiday madness floating all around us? And this show is going to take that energy and direct it back into your soul, in a positive way/// So let's get going. }}Glitch/IDM{{ -ed- | listen

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