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7/18/17 // Week of 07/18/17

Go on The Tryst with DJ Emily this Tuesday. Today's mix has a Top 10 Remix to round out the show. | listen

4/20/17 // The 420 Edition

A very special 420-themed edition of The Jaunt. | listen

11/10/16 // Week of 11/10/16

Today on The Jaunt, I will be doing something different. I'll be playing songs that are named after people. You'll hear tracks like Robert Palmer, Pamela, Daniel, Loretta and Dorothy. Stay tuned! | listen

8/28/16 // Week of 08/28/16

No One Mind Hot Panda | listen

7/21/16 // 07/21/16 Mix

The Jaunt is a mix of the latest album releases and newest artists from cities big and small around the globe. On today's episode, you'll be hearing brand new songs from White Night Heliotropes, Bill & Murray and more. Plus I'll be featuring artists from places like Tel Aviv, Israel, Belgrade,… | listen

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