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5/7/17 // Week of 05/07/17

An all doubleshot, all BTR Live Studio Dealer's Choice today on DJ Drew's first Dealer's Choice in May! | listen

4/16/17 // Week of 04/16/17

Easter Eggs and Live Studio doubleshots! Its a very special Easter Sunday with DJ Drew on Dealer's Choice | listen

4/9/17 // Week of 04/09/17

Sunday, Funday on a Bunday! Doubleshots and new tunes all today on DJ Drew's Dealer's Choice on BTR | listen

4/5/17 // Week of 04/05/17

DJRePete is turning the calendar with an April showers blues spotlight featuring new alt from Attic Abasement + the new album by Real Estate | listen

4/4/17 // Week of 04/04/17

Let's go on a Tryst this Tuesday. DJ Emily's compiled two hours of tunes from the endless BTR library for you to enjoy. | listen

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