Artist: Jocelyn Medina

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New York, NY / US

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6/11/17 // Week of 06/11/17

Check out several brand new albums on The Jazz Hole with Linus today, including Ben Rosenblum, Pete Malinverni and more | listen

5/28/17 // Week of 05/28/17

The Jazz Hole with Linus with brand new tracks by Jocelyn Medina and by Manu Koch & Filtron M, plus a lot more great jazz | listen

1/1/17 // Week of 01/01/17

New Year’s Day and jazz? That’s right! Enjoy today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus featuring bands like Dog Leg Dilemma & much more | listen

4/10/16 // Week of 04/10/16

This week’s Jazz Hole with Linus features a deep conversation with guitarist Jake Hertzog about his new solo electric guitar album "Well Lit Shadow." | listen

7/26/15 // Week of 07/26/15

Today’s edition of The jazz Hole with Linus features music from Walker Adam’s brand new album “Emergence", next to tracks by doyens Jean-Michel Pilc, Harvie S, Sheryl Bailey and Thomas Moeckel, as well as rising stars Jocelyn Medina, Violette, Nicole Johaenntgen, Curtis Nowosad and Michael… | listen

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