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12/8/16 // Week of 12/08/16

Three veteran underground emcees get busy over the loose live funk of France’s Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra’s track ‘With An Attitude!’ | listen

12/1/16 // Week of 12/01/16

Don’t miss ‘Bankster,’ which has an infectious Afrobeat groove from Portuguese band Terrakota, off their new album ‘I Wish.’ | listen

10/27/16 // Week of 10/27/16

12 member strong team of top instrumentalists, Music Is The Weapon, is the Nordic response to the brash message and sound of Fela Kuti! | listen

10/13/16 // Week of 10/13/16

Don’t miss lots of South American Afrobeat today from Rolando Brown y Su Orchestra MIDI & ÈKÓ Afrobeat! Feel the pulse of the world! | listen

10/6/16 // Week of 10/06/16

Tracks like ‘Jungle Get Down’ ‘Gari Good’ ‘Chérie Nye’ will make you get up & dance! Enjoy new & rare grooves filled with energy & passion! | listen

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