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6/7/17 // Episode 16 // Northside Fest Preview

This episode essentially functions as something of an itinerary for this year’s Northside Festival, offering suggestions of artists you can see each night at various venues around town if you’re… | listen

4/21/17 // Episode 25 / Hand Drawn Dracula

This week we check out new music from R. Ring, Land Of Talk, Girlpool, Real Estate, and more before getting to know the Toronto-based label Hand Drawn Dracula!   | listen

4/5/17 // Week of 04/05/17

DJRePete is turning the calendar with an April showers blues spotlight featuring new alt from Attic Abasement + the new album by Real Estate | listen

3/1/17 // Week of 03/01/17

This week's playlist will take you on an emotional rollercoaster from rock'n'roll chaos, to slow and sultry heartbreak. So, like always, sit back, relax, and turn up the volume! | listen

2/17/17 // Darkwing

We’re going to let Darkwing describe themselves here: “Anti-hero Theme Music. Yin yang grunge. Music to promote critical thinking. Happy/albeit sometimes strange music with lyrics about being… | listen

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